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Eclipse Gyrex 1.3: New version of the open-source technology offers more performance, scalability, and innovative functionalities

IT service provider AGETO is a well-established developer of open-source technologies. A central aspect of this engagement is the Eclipse Gyrex Project, which has been developed by employees of AGETO and the Canadian company Tasktop Technologies. As a long-term member of the Eclipse Foundation, AGETO has extensive e-commerce experience and is a forerunner in the establishment of open-source platforms for e-business infrastructures. Based on Gyrex, AGETO operates large international e-commerce platforms, which drive over 100 on-line shops worldwide. 

Gyrex is a software platform for modern server applications that need to be performant, scalable, and enable various user interfaces – from Web Frontend to native mobile applications. On 25 June 2014, Gyrex Version 1.3 was released as part of the Eclipse Luna release. 

In addition to numerous performance improvements and updates of the embedded framework, the new cluster-wide Eventbus and the Websocket support for Gyrex applications were released. With Cluster Eventbus, developers can now define their own event classes and use them for event distribution in a Gyrex Cluster. Various new UseCases can be supported e.g. the cluster-wide synchronisation of caches that are maintained on each node. 

With the new Websocket support, Gyrex applications can now actively communicate to clients such as browsers or mobile apps via an active Websocket.  This allows the real-time display of changes to web application data in the browser without the user having to manually initiate an update.

In Gyrex 1.3, development is once again simplified via the introduction of new standards, annotations, and dependency injections e.g. in the area of job control.  

The Gyrex 1.3 release is available as a download at: http://download.eclipse.org/gyrex/1.3/

Further details about Eclipse Gyrex can be found at: http://www.eclipse.org/gyrex/

About Eclipse Gyrex 

Gyrex is an innovative open-source server platform that outperforms other solutions in terms of stability and scalability. An active international community of developers as well as freely-available source code are prerequisites for further developing and establishing the platform as a future-proof and expandable e-business infrastructure. Based on Gyrex, numerous Java Enterprise server environments have been created to represent business processes in logistics, health care, electronic identity, and e-commerce.

The most important Gyrex features include:

OSGi Clustering Platform

distribution of batch jobs in the cluster

web- and console-based administration 

multi-tenant capability

integration of Solr search engine 

EclipseLink persistence for connecting relations and NoSQL databases

central logging (based on SLF4J)