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dmTECH and diva-e: digital growth

For ten years now, dmTECH and diva-e have been working together to set new standards in both software development and digital consulting. diva-e supports dmTECH as a transactional experience partner in innovative software projects, long-term digital strategies and in daily business in interdisciplinary and cross-functional teams. Through an agile way of working, the best results for successful digital projects are achieved in order to generate sustainable growth.

years of close cooperation between dmTECH and diva-e cooperation
holistic consulting and support for digital projects such as online platforms or online marketing projects
cooperation in agile, interdisciplinary teams for digital success teams

Digital growth

During many years of cooperation with dmTECH, diva-e has contributed to the development of numerous and successful digital products and solutions. For this the teams rely on agile working methods like Scrum. The successful projects are the introduction of the online shop and the family program glückskind. These products are improved by developing the user experience continuously.


New onlineshops, a/b-testing & tracking implementation

dmTECH and diva-e attach great importance to KPI-based work in order to measure the success of the software developments carried out and to be able to respond even more to individual customer needs. The software SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is used for tracking and testing. diva-e also supports the customer dmTECH in the introduction of product evaluations in the online shop and in search engine optimization. The latest project of dmTECH: The development of a new, revised online platform.


Measurable digital success and emotional customer experiences

Because of the agile implementation of various projects and solutions, dmTECH achieves digital success and thus increases the online turnover and reach of diva-e supports this as a long-term partner. Decision basis for further developments is the A/B testing in the online shop. dmTECH gains additional insights through the jointly set up tracking. On the basis of detailed analyses, the digital experts measure the success of the software developments carried out and optimise them sustainably. Customer Insights guarantee a customer-centric approach through the personalisation of content.

diva-e has been supporting us for many years as a strong Transactional Experience Partner. Our close cooperation is based on trust and an experienced team. This is a very good basis for relevant digital products to sustainably inspire our customers.
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