Maximum product and service availability through relaunch of a future-proof B2B platform

Durch Relaunch einer zukunftssicheren B2B-Plattform

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Strategy, B2B platform and marketing for an improved market position

STAUFF is a leading company in the development, manufacture and supply of piping components and hydraulic accessories. The STAUFF brand is to be further strengthened in its position as a global benchmark for quality, technology, innovation, and performance in the field of fluid technology components, systems and services.

In order to meet the constantly growing market requirements and to bind customers to the company through even better services, STAUFF has commissioned diva-e for the replatforming project of its existing commerce components and the development of a user-friendly, open B2B digital platform.

Spryker was selected as the modern, scalable and future-proof architecture and technology basis for this project, which enables good integration into the existing system landscape as well as close integration of content and commerce.

Digital touchpoint for new & existing customers
One-stop shop for hydraulics in cooperation with partners
Easy contact through live chat with experts
Customised product numbers for perfect SAP compatibility


Maximum availability through integrated and open B2B digital platform

In order to further strengthen the STAUFF brand and its positioning, the systems and services are to be consistently expanded. To this end, a modern, scalable and future-proof architecture and technology base is to be introduced and good integration into the existing system landscape is to be achieved.


Realisation of a future-proof and scalable technology base

Based on solutions from the diva-e technology partners Spryker and Bloomreach, the existing infrastructure was replaced. The core of the solution concept is the Bloomreach Headless CMS and the transfer of the content to the Spryker Commerce OS frontend.

Within a conception phase, content and requirements such as the information architecture, the technical concept with components to be used and the corresponding interfaces in the target landscape were developed in the form of scoping workshops. In an agile project procedure according to Scrum, the previously defined requirements were organised and implemented in sprints. This enabled permanent control and transparency during the project duration. In addition, test-friendly system landscapes were set up to ensure a smooth project flow.


Improved digital touchpoints for new and existing customers

The new STAUFF Digital Platform offers customers a comprehensive, digital service experience and provides them with a flexible and individual shopping experience.

  • Modern headless approach

  • More speed and less maintenance

  • Optimised for performance, scalability and security

  • Structured product catalog for optimal user journey

  • Customer-specific price calculation

  • Quick-Order function

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