Frank Rauchfuß

CEO diva-e Products

Frank Rauchfuß


As CEO of diva-e Products, Frank Rauchfuß is responsible for diva-e's Product and Service portfolio. Frank has been involved in e-commerce since 1998 and has shaped significantly the rapid development of online business in start-ups and various organisations. His specialisms cover online marketing, online sales, new product development and digital transformation. As a long-time corporate manager, he knows exactly the potential that lies in cross-managing online and offline channels. Frank recognises the opportunities along the customer journey and, through his expertise, increases clients’ performance. He helps advertisers to successfully grow their data silos.

Frank is also a sought-after speaker in the areas of digital transformation, product innovation and performance marketing.


diva-e Products

St.-Martin-Straße 78 (Gebäude BT3/EG)
81541 München

T: +49 89 1590490-0

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