We don't do drama, we get involved.

Charity involvement

Small gestures, big impact

Doing something for the community and being socially engaged – it can be that easy. That's why you can spend half a day per year working for a good cause. Each location has selected projects in which you can get involved during your working hours. Every employee has the opportunity to donate 99 cents of their salary (or more) to a good cause, thereby achieving great things. And our “Green Team” colleagues at all our locations ensure that everyone can make their contribution to environmental protection or sustainable action.

And a brilliant plus point to engagement: we get to know each other better and gain insights into completely different areas.

Below you'll find a selection of projects in which we have participated.

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Here, you'll find everything you want to know about diva-e: from our average age to the number of Health Days we've organised, as well as the amount of fresh fruit we eat throughout the year.


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At diva-e, we are convinced that values are the foundation for successful collaboration. We developed our corporate values together with our employees and live them in our day-to-day interactions. We don’t rest on our laurels, but evolve further. This also applies to our values.


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