We don't do drama, we get involved.

Charity involvement

Small gestures, big impact

Doing something for the community and being socially engaged – it can be that easy. That's why you can spend half a day per year working for a good cause. Each location has selected projects in which you can get involved during your working hours. Every employee has the opportunity to donate 99 cents of their salary (or more) to a good cause, thereby achieving great things. And our “Green Team” colleagues at all our locations ensure that everyone can make their contribution to environmental protection or sustainable action.

And a brilliant plus point to engagement: we get to know each other better and gain insights into completely different areas.

Below you'll find a selection of projects in which we have participated.

All locations

For socially disadvantaged families, we send care packages full to the brim with everyday groceries to the Hamburger Archen children's charity at Christmas time.


Our colleagues in Berlin help out in the Berliner Tafel foodbank's sorting warehouse and thereby make an indirect contribution to less food waste.


In Frankfurt, colleagues provided gifts for the "Christmas in a shoe box" campaign organised by MädchenbüroMilena, a support charity for refugee and non-refugee girls and women. The lovingly packaged cardboard boxes were met with beaming smiles all round.


Our Hamburg colleagues actively supported the “Leben mit Behinderung” festival, for people with disabilities and their families: tables and benches were dismantled afterwards and the area was cleaned up diligently.


We helped the Initiative krebskinder Kinder Munich e.V., a children's cancer charity, by sending Christmas newsletters to regular donors and members. As well as actively supporting both the Münchner Tafel foodbank and animal protection society, we sponsor children in need worldwide through the children's charity PLAN.


Our colleagues in Karlsruhe collect clothing for the men's homeless shelter. And their social engagement also extends to painting at the animal shelter and being brave blood donors.


Our Leipzig colleagues like their chartiable engagements to be athletic and raise money for good causes while completing laps in the "Stadtlauf" city run.


The Jena office is very athletic, with sponsored runs and rows for good causes. And there's a sporting connection in their other community activities such as painting a hut for the German Life Saving Association (DLRG) or in the renovation of the front garden for the Kindersprachbrücke Jena e.V.


Our colleagues made children's faces light up by participating in the "Christmas in a shoe box" campaign. And the residents of the Franziskusstube, a shelter for marginalised people and those in need, could look forward to chocolate Santa Clauses.

Facts and Figures

Here, you'll find everything you want to know about diva-e: from our average age to the number of Health Days we've organised, as well as the amount of fresh fruit we eat throughout the year.


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Our values, our culture

At diva-e, we are convinced that values are the foundation for successful collaboration. We developed our corporate values together with our employees and live them in our day-to-day interactions. We don’t rest on our laurels, but evolve further. This also applies to our values.


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