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Mobile work at diva-e

Mobile working: Wherever and whenever you want!

A good work-life balance is becoming increasingly important. The work-life balance has become a critical aspect when it comes to choosing the right employer. The daily obligation to be present in the office, especially at rigid and inflexible working hours, is still attractive to very few employees only and is often seen as an absolute no-go when choosing a job.

Mobile working - or remote working - specifically addresses the wishes of employees. Because it means that employees can work wherever they want. Whether at home, in the office, in a café or on the train. The place of work is completely flexible - as long as the work can be done under the given circumstances. If companies then also forego fixed core working hours, employees can benefit from a very high degree of flexibility and optimally combine work and family or leisure time. Combining work and vacation is also possible with remote working - this is referred to as workation.

We offer our TXP stars both: the opportunity to work remotely as well as flexible working hours by foregoing core hours. This allows our employees to optimally combine their job with family and leisure time.

Mobile working at diva-e: As long as your work is in Germany and you are not otherwise involved in live events on location, you can work mobile at diva-e.

Workation at diva-e: You need a change of scenery and have always wanted to combine work and vacation? With us you have the opportunity to work in selected countries, in coordination with your leadership, to work where others go on vacation.

Advantages of mobile work

Mobile work offers you many advantages. You can freely choose your work location and thus create a better work-life balance. The commute is completely eliminated and you can invest the additional free time in family, pleasure and hobbies.

Remote working also entails a higher flexibility and time relief. If necessary, you can quickly go to the store in the morning or attend an important bank appointment without having to take half a day of vacation.

Mobile working also offers you the opportunity to be more flexible in your choice of job - because the direct proximity to the place of work can be left aside for the time being. Even longer distances that only have to be covered now and then become possible.

Key Facts mobile working at diva-e

Requirements for mobile working

Mobile working is not possible in every company, nor in every position. The most important factor is that the tasks themselves cannot only be performed at a fixed work location. This is the case for the majority of our employees, but there are restrictions in individual cases, such as for our employees in the back office or in the data centers.

To ensure that mobile working does not restrict workflow, we offer a good infrastructure with modern information and communication tools. Laptop and co. are always part of our basic equipment and we work with various tools such as MS Teams, Jira and Confluence, which make the daily work routine possible from any location throughout Germany.

Regardless of the above-mentioned framework conditions, mobile working only works if both employees and managers have a certain mentality for it. Managers must trust their employees. Employees, on the other hand, must bring a high degree of self-organization to the table and proceed responsibly and on their own initiative. After all, the work must be done beyond the office in the same quality and quantity.

At diva-e, trust in our employees is an important part of our management philosophy and is actively practiced by our superiors. Every employee receives this trust, which he or she must ultimately earn by behaving appropriately when working remotely. In case of doubt, discussions are always sought and possible solutions are sought in the interests of both parties.