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Mobile work at diva-e

Remote working: a wide range of options

Work-life balance has become a decisive criterion when it comes to choosing the right employer. The daily obligation to be present in the office is often seen as an absolute no-go when choosing a job, especially during rigid and inflexible working hours.

Remote working offers a more employee-friendly alternative. This is because they can work wherever they want in the country of their main residence if wifi is stable, of course. Whether at home, in the office, in a café or on the train: the work location does not matter - if the tasks can be completed well. If companies then also do away with fixed core working hours, employees can benefit from a very high degree of flexibility and organize their everyday lives more individually.

Furthermore, you can apply to work abroad in European countries, 90 days at a time. You will find further detail below.

At diva-e, you get both: if you're not actively involved in what's going on at the sites, you can work wherever. This way, we make it possible for you to organize all areas of your daily life in the best possible way. Permanent TXP stars and trainees can enjoy the full range of flexibility after completing their probationary period. Just talk to your manager.

Advantages of working remote

Mobile work offers you many advantages.

Working remote brings you many advantages. You can freely choose your work location within the country and thus create a better balance between work, family and your hobbies.

Remote working also entails a higher flexibility and time relief. If necessary, you can quickly go to the store in the morning or attend an important bank appointment without having to take half a day of vacation.

Mobile working also offers you the opportunity to be more flexible in your choice of job - because the direct proximity to the place of work can be left aside for the time being. Even longer distances that only have to be covered now and then become possible.

Key Facts mobile working at diva-e

Requirements for remote working at diva-e

Remote work is neither possible in every company nor is it possible in every position at diva-e as well. The most important prerequisite is that the tasks you have been employed to deal with cannot only be performed at a fixed location. This is the case for the majority of our employees; restrictions do occur individual cases only, such as for our Office Management staff.

To ensure that the workflow is not restricted by remote working, we offer the infrastructure necessary by providing modern communication tools. Laptop and such are always part of your basic equipment. Furthermore, we work with various software such as MS Teams, Jira and Confluence. This way, remote work can be professionally organized.

Regardless of the above-mentioned framework conditions, mobile working only works if both employees and managers have a certain mentality for it. After all, the work must be done beyond the office in the same quality and quantity.

At diva-e, trust is an important part of the management model and actively practiced by superiors. Every employee is given this trust, which they must maintain by behaving accordingly when working remote. Ultimately, the continued quality of the work done is the best way to keep this trustful business relationship. In case of doubt, discussions and possible solutions are always sought in the interests of both parties.

Additional benefit: working abroad

You can spend 90 days at a time (including weekends, holidays etc.) in European countries and work from there. You can apply for your stay abroad via our tool which checks your trip for legal requirements. Once all the required measures are fulfilled and an approval has been granted by the respective supervisor, there is nothing standing in the way of you working abroad for a short period of time (after your probationary period). Working remotely abroad has a high personal value for you, because you can actively participate in the daily life of other cultures, learn new languages and broaden your horizons without having to spend your days off.

diva-e also offers Team Workations, which give you and your teammates the opportunity to travel together and work from a vacation spot either within your home country or abroad. You can apply as a team for the Workation offerings that diva-e regularly tenders. For the Workation abroad, certain legal requirements must also be met, which the colleagues in the HR team can explain to you in more detail.