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Operations, System & Network Administration

IT Operations, System
and Network Administration

As a Network or System Administrator, for Linux or Windows, or as a DevOps or Operations Manager: Nothing works in IT without you and you make every effort to guarantee the long-term availability of applications and systems. Depending on location and specialist area, you either ensure the smooth operation of our clients’ system landscape, our own internal systems or that of our datacentre in Frankfurt.

From technical project management and architecture development to installing hardware in the datacentre, we offer a diverse range of assignments with a high degree of individual responsibility in both IT operations as well as system and network administration.

In our job portal, you’ll find current IT Operations, System and Network Administration vacancies in which you can leave your mark on the digital world.

Your responsibilities

In IT Operations, System and Network Administration, you’ll enjoy a wide range of assignments. You can use your expertise in client projects, in internal IT or in our datacentre located right at the heart of DE-CIX Frankfurt. Our broad portfolio of clients provides you with diverse insights into different companies, industries and business models.

Specialisation: Operations

You’re actively involved in our client business and ensure that systems run smoothly. In close contact with clients and liaising with various internal contacts, you build, for example, new system landscapes or take over existing ones and ensure they operate problem-free. You can even be responsible for technical project management and, with such an immense range of challenges, you won’t get bored, particularly if you want to broaden your horizons with new specialisms.

Your tech stack:
Linux system administration, cloud administration (eg infrastructure, managed services – focusing on Azure, but also Google Cloud or AWS), virtualisation platforms (eg OpenStack), Ansible & Terraform, deployment tools (eg Jenkins, Gitlab CI), Docker & Kubernetes, Apache & nginx webservers, databases (eg MySQL, MSSQL), check_MK

Specialisation: Datacentre

You’re at the company’s runaway hit – our datacentres near DE-CIX, the world's largest Internet Exchange Point. Covering several thousand square metres, there’s not only room for more than 20,000 servers, but also exciting and interesting challenges. As a Datacentre Engineer, you will be involved in everything from the architecture of complex system landscapes to the construction of racks in the datacentre. Depending on your profile, you take on different tasks and ensure that the IT system landscape runs smoothly, IT is protected from disruptive external factors and data integrity is guaranteed. This guarantee must be delivered 24/7: Shift work is therefore required.

Your tech stack:
CAT and fibre optic cabling, switches (for example Juniper EX), switch configuration (VLANs, LACP), 19" server racks and server hardware

Specialisation: Internal IT

You’re responsible for the structure, operation and optimisation of diva-e’s internal system landscape. You ensure your colleagues can work problem-free and hardware and software always perform. What’s more, you take on exciting projects to further expand and optimise our internal system landscape. You’re always there for your colleagues to overcome technical challenges and answer enquiries via the ticket system.

Your tech stack:
Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux, Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange, network infrastructure, switch, router and firewall set-up, VPN and site networking, Ansible, Gitlab, Atlassian, pfSense, back-up – Veeam, data recovery, virtualisation (eg with Proxmox)


Corporate culture

We are particularly proud of our corporate culture. Day-to-day interactions within our teams are carried out with respect, trust and responsibility – in the workplace and beyond.

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Your team

You liaise closely with your team and the other departments within the company. As part of a strong team, you can grow in your tasks together with them. Highly motivated colleagues support you in your challenges and enable you to continuously develop.

Your location

You have a permanent desk at one of our German offices, either in Frankfurt (Datacentre & Operations) or Jena and Leipzig (Operations & DevOps), depending on your specialism. Our internal IT is spread across various locations in Germany. For projects, you usually work remotely, but client visits may be required now and then.

Your working

Our focus is clearly on the employee. Flat hierarchies and treating each other as equals ensures open and transparent communication at all levels. This creates an excellent workplace atmosphere in which teamwork is of the upmost importance. You work with subject matter experts in their respective field so you always have a suitable ‘sparring partner’ at your side or a contact to discuss new ideas.

Your fit

You like to work independently and with great care. You are fully aware of the responsibilities that come with sensitive IT infrastructure. You are always open to new challenges, people and situations. Getting to grips with new trends and thinking outside the box is a pleasure not a pain. You’re a team player and like to work closely with your colleagues and clients. With your understanding nature, you not only win over your team with your solution, but also your customers.


Overview of all benefits

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Operations, System &
Network Administration

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What I like best about my job is the freedom to make decisions and to optimise the development process. Generally, you can be involved in everything and work with exciting clients on interesting projects.
Mario Mokros
Expert Software Developer & Team Lead
I particularly like the appreciative and trusting relationships we have with each other at diva-e. A high degree of autonomy, open doors and flat hierarchies create an ideal workplace atmosphere and opportunities for further professional development.
Nadine Mießler
Senior Consultant & Team Lead
The nice thing about diva-e is the personal interaction with each other and being able to work flexibly.
Markus Pallasch
Technical QA Manager
I especially like the culture of open communication at diva-e, which places people at its heart to ensure harmonious and efficient collaboration.
Hanifi Yapar
Client Success Manager
I especially like the culture of open communication at diva-e, which places people at its heart to ensure harmonious and efficient collaboration.
Hanifi Yapar
Client Success Manager
We have a very open and flexible culture. Assignments are varied and you work together across several locations with key clients. What's more, you can experience many different things if you're interested.
Sabine Richter
Senior Service Manager Operations
Interesting clients, exciting projects and family-friendliness are not just empty words at diva-e.
Eric Schmitt
Expert Developer
I am valued as a human being at diva-e. I think it's great that, as well as project work, values and sustainability also play important, active roles.
Heike Höfer
Projekt Manager
As well as interesting day-to-day projects, I have various opportunities to also do my own thing at diva-e. Coupled with the friendly atmosphere, I feel very comfortable here!
Dennis Maaß
Senior Developer
Working at diva-e means a great deal of flexibility, a high degree of personal responsibility as well as close contact with clients.
Dominik Horn
Senior SEO Consultant
We give our employees the opportunity to be solely accountable for a client or a project at a very early stage. That's advantageous for younger colleagues because they can get involved creatively early on and take on responsibility.
Thomas Uebe
Creative Director & Team Lead
I like the fact that you have large-scale assignments at diva-e that you have to master yourself. Every customer is different so you don't feel like you're working on an assembly line, and also our flat hierarchy is unique.
Thomas Senger
Expert Software Architect
We give our employees the opportunity to be solely accountable for a client or a project at a very early stage. That's advantageous for younger colleagues because they can get involved creatively early on and take on responsibility.
Thomas Uebe
Creative Director & Team Lead

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