We don't do drama, we collaborate as equals.

Our values, our culture

Our culture

Your achievements are our inspiration. With us, you are a person – and not a number! We interact with each other openly and honestly – with an informality across all levels: regardless of whether you’re an apprentice, trainee, employee or manager. Respect, trust and responsibility are very important to us. We don’t trample over each other. No matter who you ask for help, you are always met with friendliness, politeness and openness. We trust your abilities and give you our trust. With us, you enjoy a lot of freedom, you can work independently and flourish unhindered. Transparency is our life blood: We give mutual feedback and you stay up-to-date about the current state of the company or projects through regular update meetings, forums and emails. We actively encourage your development: Your ideas are welcome and don’t gather dust in a cupboard, but are progressed and brought to life in our services.

Our values, the foundation of collaboration

At diva-e, we are convinced that values are the foundation for successful collaboration. We developed our corporate values through a Value Team of 16 employees representing various locations in consultation with Management and then tested them with all employees who wanted to be involved and give their feedback. Our values are not only written down on paper, but are purposefully integrated into the company through Value Workshops and experienced in day-to-day interactions. We don’t rest on our laurels, but evolve further. This also applies to our values: We learn and continuously develop them, evaluate whether they are implemented actively and realign them, if necessary.

These are our values

Each of us trusts ourselves and others

Each of us remains curious

Each of us shapes the company

Each of us contributes to team spirit

Each of us acts respectfully

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