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Product Management

Product Management

Woking in diva-e’s Product Management, you crucial shape digital transformation in the field of ad tech. You create products that help our clients significantly increase their e-commerce success and performance marketing. As a Product Manager, you're responsible for our existing product intelliAd Suite as well as the development of new digital products. You work closely with your teammates and clients and support (further) development of our products thanks to your feedback and ideas. At the heart of this technology are AI-based bid management algorithms and intelligent tracking solutions. With the help of your ideas, we want to develop these technologies, which have already won several awards. You understand our clients’ feedback and evaluate and translate it into valuable product optimisations.

You are the liaison between our well-known clients and our teams from Development, Account Management and Sales. Of course, there’s the opportunity for self-development through creative freedom and independent work.

From start-ups, medium-sized companies to multi-nationals, from fashion, finance, electronics to retail: You leave your mark on our well-known clients and make the project yours. Here, you’ll find a selection of case studies that show you what our products can achieve.

In our job portal, you’ll find current Product Management vacancies in which you can leave your mark on the digital world.

Your responsibilities

You have full end-to-end responsibility for our innovative performance marketing products and, thanks to your feel for the right product at the right time, develop new ideas for, amongst others, SEA/PPC, customer journey tracking, Amazon Marketplace or Google Shopping. You analyse client’s requirements, the potential target audience, the market as well as the competition and you are always on top of the latest technology trends. You liaise with in-house specialist colleagues and the technical team. You have complete control over your projects: From planning, defining milestones, creating concepts, constructing prototypes to implementing new products and features as well as ensuring client acceptance, you determine the product features and pricing for your own product lines.

Your team

Depending on size, you oversee projects covering short stories of just a few days to complex projects lasting for half a year or more. What’s more, we design our client projects with colleagues from various departments, such as Development, Account Management and Sales. We work agile and collaborate closely as a team and use ticket systems, scrum planning and reviews.

Your location

You should also be prepared to travel particularly for client presentations, annual client reviews as well as participating in trade fairs. What’s more, it’s important to us that you can work when and where you are most productive. Therefore, we also offer attractive home working options.

Your working environment

Our focus is clearly on the employee. Flat hierarchies and treating each other as equals ensures open and transparent communication at all levels. This creates an excellent workplace atmosphere in which teamwork is important. We want to give you the freedom to make your product ideas reality and to try out new things. You work with subject matter experts in their respective field so you always have a suitable ‘sparring partner’ at your side or a contact to discuss new ideas.

Your fit

As well as your passion for ad tech and performance marketing, you’re open to new challenges, people and situations. Getting to grips with new trends and thinking outside the box is a pleasure not a pain. You’re a team player and work closely together with your colleagues, because together we can only come up with a brilliant plan that is actually feasible in the end. You see problems before they arise and you understand the client’s requirements. With your understanding nature, you not only win over your team with your solution, but also your customers. You want to be part of something new and aren’t afraid to make mistakes to reach your goals. With your personal and time management skills, you easily prioritise your to-do’s.

Your benefits

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