Personal growth within diva-e

Individual career development at diva-e: Individual, diverse and continuous

Your further development is important to us. Whether you are a disciplinary or technical manager, a specialist or an all-rounder - with us you will not follow a rigid career path. We have various development opportunities that are always tailored to your personal interests. We provide you with the general framework. We then determine the detailed path to your goal together. In regular feedback meetings, we discuss your current development status, remove any obstacles and define suitable measures to give your further development a permanent "free ride".

Of course, we also have employees who feel completely comfortable in their current role. Then, of course, that's perfectly fine with us. Everyone can - no one has to.

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Your benefits

Your development opportunities at diva-e: disciplinary or professional career path

We offer you various options for your further development at diva-e. You can either pursue the classic disciplinary management career and take on leadership responsibility for your team. Or you can pursue an expert career path. In this case, you will develop into a topic expert in your field and, if necessary, provide professional guidance to other colleagues.

The basis for your development path is always our self-developed career model. In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in various other programs that have been specially designed for disciplinary or specialist careers.

diva-e career model - The basis for all development paths

diva-e Leadership Program - For future leaders

diva-e Team Lead Talent Program - For current leaders

diva-e Expert Talent Program - For specialist careers

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