Bitburger Braugruppe

Comprehensive Social CRM system for the Bitburger Braugruppe GmbH

Decisive step towards digitisation

Together with diva-e, Bitburger Braugruppe GmbH has taken a decisive step towards digitisation: through a bespoke social CRM system, one of the largest breweries in Germany took its online marketing to the next level. The most important B2B customer data is now available to everyone in the sales force. At the same time, all key data from social media campaigns can be identified and evaluated.

The approach:

Step 1: DM³ Analysis (Digital Maturity Analysis)

Aim: Development of a target concept for digital interactions and action areas around the end consumers’ consumption patterns (for positioning around the customer, at events, at restaurants and catering, online shop)

Action areas / recommendations and results obtained from the DM3:

1. Improve / expand / develop digital structure and governance within the group: Build a digital team and CDO

2. Digitalisation of marketing communications: digital activities

  • App

  • Platform covering football

  • Refocus budget from campaigns to digital media

3. Digitisation of restaurants and catering:

  • Collect customer data

  • Implement Wi-Fi at the partner

  • Campaign tool addressing regular customers directly (promotions)

4. Social CRM

Inclusion of information about Bitburger customers’ websites / social media channels in the CRM system. The goal was to provide the sales force with more information regarding Bitburgers’ social media performance, results analyses in the CRM and sales force management systems led to sales activities being aligned to customers.

Step 2: The social CRM project was then implemented based on the action fields identified

Using DM³ and competitive analyses, diva-e's experts first evaluated the state of the company's current digital marketing strategies. It quickly became clear that, particularly in the field of customer relations, a separate tool was required for sales support: Not only is internal company data stored and evaluated here but external data sources are also included in the customer’s evaluation. In addition to this tool, the understanding of digital sales activities was intensified overall: for example, the impetus generated by diva-e should be categorised and promoted in the future through specialist digital teams and a CDO.

  • Main focuses on strategy, marketing and CRM

  • Consulting in the field of digitalisation of marketing communications such as Apps or platforms

  • Increased collection of customer data in the catering sector

  • Comprehensive customer data evaluation enables targeted marketing campaigns

  • Evaluation of the opportunities and challenges of e-commerce for the company

  • Create awareness of digitalisation within the company

  • Plans for diva-e to provide strategic support for the project in the future

Your contact person
Frank Rauchfuß
Managing Director Consulting & Data