Online portals for customer service

Millions of customers use online self-service

For the former E-Plus Group, pro!vision - a subsidiary of diva-e - developed online portals for customer service. The mobile network operator ran a large number of own brands and had more than 30 partners that used the E-Plus network. Internet presences existed for each of these brands. To increase customer satisfaction among its nearly 24 million mobile customers, E-Plus handled customer service for several of its brands via online portals. At the heart of these websites were the Electronic Customer Care Systems (ECCs). The content and functions of the ECCs were mainly maintained on the basis of Adobe CQ.

Customers could log on to an online portal with their telephone number and a password to view or change personal, contract and connection data, online bills and rate options.

The so-called "Electronic Handbook" (EHB) also created a comprehensive information portal for E-Plus call center employees.

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Janine Poser
Director TXP Sales & Expert Consultant
The excellent combination of editorial content and transactional applications has been an important criterion for us in choosing Adobe CQ."
Michael Carnevali
E-Plus Group | IT Projekt Lead

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