Holistic AEM strategy and process consulting

Website optimization through holistic consulting

The former German cable network operator Unitymedia GmbH was able to significantly improve the customer experience on its website and increase the conversion rate with pro!vision - a subsidiary of diva-e.

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Janine Poser
Director TXP Sales & Expert Consultant

What started as a small consulting project developed into a holistic consulting and development project. At the end of the year-and-a-half-long collaboration with diva-e, a new pricing interface called the AEM Commerce Adapter (ACA) was created. With the help of the Commerce Adapter and a cache optimization, it was possible to get a grip on the complex and layered backend systems for price calculation. Despite frequently changing prices in the promotion campaigns, it was possible to significantly speed up the price display on the website. This reduced the duration of the price query by 90% and subsequently increased the number of broadband orders. Before the project started, working with AEM CMS was characterized by limitations. Since changes to the CMS components of the website were work-intensive and took a long time, marketers and editors could not implement their planned marketing and promotion actions in the time desired.

One of the key challenges was that the group was about to be taken over and was internally undergoing a restructuring and reorganization process. After holistic strategy and process consulting, the diva-e experts succeeded in significantly shortening the time-to-web, improving the website's functionality and maintainability, and ensuring its availability.

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