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We don't do drama, we do e-business.

Welcome at diva-e!

First and foremost: we're glad you're here and want to get to know us. Most others would shove big customers and impressive projects in your face now. But that wouldn't be the diva-e spirit. Let's rather start with the main thing.

You're central here. Personal space, customized further education, remote work, workations – tell us what's important to you. We're best when every member of the team feels completely comfortable.

That's why we tackle things collectively. Lone warriors or an elbow mentality don't match with us. We stick together, we're honest, we support each other. You can test things out, contribute your ideas, get better and better. In the end, we'll find the best solution jointly.

Everything we do, we do with the goal of creating digital experiences that inspire customers and drive companies forward in the long term. From strategy consulting, concept and design to SEO, SEA/PPC, digital analytics and content marketing as well as software development and application management services: More than 900 employees shape the future of e-business from our offices in Germany, Bulgaria (Sofia) and US (Cincinnati) - in-house, remotely or at our customers’ premises.


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Our team stands for commitment, diversity and enthusiasm - and this is reflected in everything we do. As experts in our fields, we set standards and demonstrate our expertise in every project. We're on fire for digital solutions that add real value, both as a team and individually.

We think outside the box and encourage interdisciplinary exchange. This often results in the best ideas that drive us forward and make us successful. In the process, we win and lose as a team, because great things are created through exchange.

We treat each other with respect and trust. We act at eye level and value each other. Our way of working is based on five cultural principles that give us - and you - orientation in all areas.

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Welcome to our agile organization! With us, you have the opportunity to actively contribute and grow together with us. Whether in your daily work, in your project team or beyond - there is room for your ideas and creativity.

We encourage you to use your freedom and scope and to think outside the box. Because we believe that innovation and progress are created when we recognize and drive trends. So: contribute topics and drive them forward! Either alone or with your colleagues in a team.

We create the optimal framework so that you can develop your full potential. We promote open communication, flexible work arrangements and an environment in which you feel comfortable and inspired.

We are shaping the digital future - and there are many facets to it. Accordingly, there is a lot to discover with us: From diverse projects to different industries to a colorful community of people and disciplines - variety is guaranteed with us.

In our interdisciplinary teams, you will work with the latest technologies and come up with innovative solutions. You'll be in charge of international projects and always have your finger on the pulse of current trends to follow and drive them forward.

Boredom? A foreign word with us! Every day here is full of exciting challenges in which you can develop your skills and expand your knowledge. You will be part of a lively and dynamic community where creativity and innovation are alive and well.

We want to ensure that our employees can take advantage of diverse and attractive offers tailored to different target groups. Whether you want to advance your career, balance family and work, promote your health or benefit from financial advantages - you will find suitable employee offers with us.

Our work culture is characterized by uncomplicated, direct and unbureaucratic dealings. This enables us as an employer to remain flexible and to respond to the needs of our employees. Annually, we evaluate these needs and do our best to take appropriate action.

For example, our flexible working hours and location models have been created to enable our employees to adapt their working hours to their individual needs. We have also introduced our Teamworkation to strengthen team spirit and enable shared experiences outside the office.

We create   together

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We are particularly proud of our corporate culture. Respect, trust and responsibility are lived in our teams in their daily interaction - and that goes beyond the workplace.

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Any further questions?

Two young women standing in front of a high table while talking and looking into a tablet together

As you can see, we have so much to offer you. Do you have any further questions? Then we look forward to your message! Or you can apply for the right position straight away!

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