The key to transparency - how diva-e enables fluent communication

For many employees, a sense of well-being and belonging is becoming an extremely relevant factor in their professional lives. The motivation to work for a company depends on many factors that go far beyond financial incentives. Commitment on the part of the company can be strengthened above all by regularly informing all employees about important decisions and topics and thus involving them through communication. Transparent communication structures strengthen trust and promote the relationship between management and employees.

The key to transparency - how diva-e enables fluent communication

Different formats should be used, adapted to the respective context and topic. For example, one-way or dialogic forms are suitable for different occasions, depending on whether the goal is more general information or active discussion. It is therefore important to weigh up what is intended with the communication and which means can best support the message.

diva-e uses a variety of communication formats

At transactional experience partner diva-e, the diversity of formats is evident when looking back at the past year 2020. For example, our employees:inside were reached by 26 updates in the form of team contributions and emails from management. In particular, the developments of the Corona crisis and their impact on everyday work processes were actively addressed and taken up. This is essential in order to continue to create security and mutual trust in a dynamic time. More extensive topics were regularly presented in a total of 11 Townhall Meetings. The Townhall Meeting represents a key communication format across all sites because, as a digital meeting, it offers more scope for explanation, elucidation and illustration than purely text-based forms.

In addition, in 2020 there were a total of 58 interactive site-specific sessions in the form of come-togethers, brownbags, and the so-called diva-e dialogs, for example, where questions and suggestions of all kinds can be addressed to management.

Another key aspect of transparency is the exchange of information at local level at the sites, where communication is promoted both with managers and between employees. For example, there are business breakfasts in Berlin, regular get-togethers in Hamburg, and joint barbecue lunches on the terrace in Leipzig. In 2020, many of these formats were quickly adapted to Corona and implemented digitally. After all, it is particularly important in the home office to continue to ensure regular exchange and to keep each other up to date.

We are very proud of the diversity of our communicative exchange options and are always open to the inclusion of new, interesting formats. For us, transparency and trust are at the heart of every good working relationship and are essential for the well-being of our employees.