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Four Adobe partners showcased their B2B e-commerce solution

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The development in the B2C sector from e-commerce to cross-channel commerce has reached a new level in recent years. Today, online stores are primarily mature and usually well integrated into the rest of the system landscape and processes. Product presentation, ordering and payment processes, logistics, and returns and partial credits are now of a high standard.

B2C retailers can therefore only differentiate themselves with a high focus on the customer, integrating content and commerce, and creating seamless shopping and brand experiences. In B2B commerce, this level has not yet been reached. Even though the rapid development of B2C stores has shifted the standards and expectations of business customers here as well: B2B buyers are mostly private B2C customers themselves, and their requirements are shaped by what is "state-of-the-art" in e-commerce today. However, despite similar main functionalities, some conditions are definitive for B2B business. As part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Commerce/Magento also sets standards in the B2B area.

Interested parties were able to experience live how diva-e approaches a B2B project on 04.02.2021 in the Arena4Commerce

diva-e entered the ring with three other Adobe partners. Based on a request for a proposal for a fictitious medium-sized mechanical engineering company, we presented a solution approach for a new B2B webshop.

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Our task included, among others:

The creation of an online store for a manufacturer of complex products in measurement technology.

The fictitious client does not have an online store yet and needs to invest due to increasing competition from other manufacturers and platforms.

The project planning requires a quick go live as early as April 2021.

The implementation must take place within six weeks. In addition, the costs must be calculated, the processes optimized, and an excellent customer experience developed.

A task that Dalila Grebovic and Dominik Bühler set themselves in the online event on February 04, 2021.

On-Demand Video ARENA4COMMERCE: diva-e pitches to build B2B web store

diva-e Participants

Dalila Grebovic, Team Lead Magento & Senior Technical PM Magento at diva-e

Dominik Bühler, Senior Sales Consultant at diva-e

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diva-e Adobe Commerce: Why Magento for B2B?

Commerce for B2B

To manage B2B commerce sites for multiple brands, channel partners, and key accounts, Magento Commerce offers B2B customers standalone enterprise account management, numerous buyer levels with custom roles and permissions, quote tracking, visibility into detailed order history, and online credit management. The advantage: less support effort.

Customized catalogues and pricing

Personalize the online experience by assigning customers individual catalogues and price lists and targeting content and promotions to specific segments. Enable payment options tailored to customer needs to maximize revenue and order convenience by supporting instalment plans, credit card payments, and other payment methods.

Intelligent order management and inventory

Streamline operations with the Magento Commerce solution for managing orders from all sales channels. Provide accurate, real-time inventory throughout the supply chain and optimize order fulfilment costs and delivery times using automated procedural rules.

Seamless orders

Increase sales with fast and convenient purchasing options by uploading CSV files, directly entering SKUs, etc. The sales team can quickly take orders for excellent customer support.

Appealing experiences on all devices

Shopping experiences optimized for mobile devices enable customers and sellers to order on all devices and at any time. Increase sales through the use of merchandising, content management and promotion.

Effortless management and integration

Magento pioneers reliable, compelling experiences without high investment and maintenance costs. Robust APIs and modules available through the Marketplace make integrating existing systems effortless and accelerate time-to-market.

As a transactional experience partner, diva-e also offers its customers 360-degree project support.

The diva-e Keys to Success:

Time-to-market and natural value creation in the project:

  • Proven and market-leading components

  • Focus on business, growth and user experience

  • Low TCO through short time-to-market and lean development

Flexible adaptation to changing conditions:

  • Service-oriented architecture for modular flexibility and scalability

  • No restrictions in terms of rollouts and growth

Avoidance of technological dead-ends and dependencies:

  • Headless and API-driven with clear separation of logic, touchpoint and frontend

  • Reusable services for other business scenarios

  • Federated interoperability based on "what is already there."

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