From school to work - apprenticeship at diva-e

How is the first month as an e-commerce trainee at diva-e? An interview with Robert Schenke.

For about a month now, the 16-year-old Robert Schenke has been employed at diva-e as an apprentice e-commerce merchant. After his school education he has asked himself all questions: Where can I do my training? And what do I actually like so much that I want to make it my profession? In the end, Robert decided on diva-e and an apprenticeship that is still in its infancy: e-commerce merchant.

This profession offers all trainees a modern commercial qualification, which, however, is oriented towards digital business processes. Since the apprenticeship can only be completed this year, diva-e is all the more pleased to be one of the first e-business service providers with this opportunity.

From school to work - apprenticeship at diva-e

How did you hear about diva-e?

Robert became attentive to the training possibility, because diva-e was not completely unknown to him. He started much earlier with diva-e: with an internship during his school time. For three months he supported the e-commerce consulting team once a week to the best of his knowledge and belief and was allowed to get to know the company and his colleagues.

Completed internship. School's over. And now what?

Robert asked himself the same question and went in search of apprenticeships. An apprenticeship - that was clear to him. During this time he was still in contact with the HR team of diva-e and the lucky coincidence took its course. Robert says: "I found the company here simply very nice and I was looking for an apprenticeship for 2018 and I thought I would like to try it."

When asked whether he has also focused on the e-commerce sector in other apprenticeships, he has to laugh and says: "No, I wasn't really looking for that. In principle, I wanted to focus more on media design, but then during my internship I simply noticed that I really like e-commerce. And then it was just right for me. And media design is not that far away from the training as an e-commerce merchant at diva-e", Robert notes. At least there are already some interfaces and focal points that he can also set in the creative direction. At diva-e, everyone works according to their own skills and interests.

The application process was then one of Robert's easiest exercises. Known as a reliable intern, he was invited directly to a job interview and went through the application process without any problems. The end result: Robert is the new e-commerce trainee at diva-e in Jena!

The start at diva-e in Jena

The first day began for Robert with an onboarding process. Every new employee has an initial interview with the HR department and then a complete tour of the entire company. Besides familiar faces, Robert also met many new colleagues and was eagerly awaiting his first day. After his re-entry with an overview of all tools and platforms that serve diva-e as support, he was already directly involved in projects.

His tasks are therefore already in the first month as diverse as exciting. The webshop for the internal diva-e clothing collection has been in work for several months and Robert has been right in the middle of it since the beginning of August. He has the task to revise the webshop with care, to write product descriptions and to advance optimizations for the shop. He is always in exchange with colleagues and working students who are also working on the project. He particularly enjoys writing product texts and in connection with the technology behind the web shop, it is the ideal first project for the trainee. If colleagues also need support in media design, Robert is also available. In addition to graphics for the HR department, he produces videos, creates extensive presentations and helps out in day-to-day business wherever he can.

What he likes especially well, Robert answers with a wink: "So clearly: the whole environment, the atmosphere, the colleagues. That you can get cold drinks here too." Robert sees challenges more in the commercial aspects of the training and the upcoming topics in school. Nevertheless, he remains calm and knows that unusual tasks will come his way. At the end of the 3-year training Robert would like to have gained design qualifications, develop his journalistic skills and of course be a professional in building webshops.