Behind the scenes - insights into the work at diva-e

After one month you can already take stock of the situation. In this article Katrin reviews her first time at diva-e. In addition, a real Thuringian culture enthusiast tells you what Jena has to offer as a place of work and culture.

Not long ago I wrote about my first day here and today a month has already passed at diva-e in Jena. In the meantime I have seen many new faces, had constructive conversations and exciting encounters.

Behind the scenes - insights into the work at diva-e

First things first - the team of a different kind

After my introduction in Jena, I was allowed to really get into the topic of social media and marketing at diva-e in week two. As diva-e is represented at 11 locations and projects are managed across locations, it soon became clear that my future contact persons are spread all over Germany. After interesting introductory talks with colleagues from Karlsruhe and Munich about the different social media channels, existing and upcoming projects and organizational matters, I was allowed to get directly involved in practical work and to actively shape the diva-e channels. Since then, all responsible colleagues, marketing managers, working students & co. are in close contact with each other to provide insights into the diva-e everyday life as well as e-business, tech and marketing issues to interested parties.

This cross-location teamwork is a wonderful opportunity to benefit from the diversity, the comprehensive know-how and the different perspectives, thus creating synergy effects and optimal results.

This is also something that must not be missing: The exchange on site

In addition to the daily "tête-à-tête" within the locations, the agreement in Jena must of course not be missing. Here I was soon familiarized with the topics of personnel marketing and was also allowed to develop ideas for the Kulturarena Jena. It was great to see what long-term goals diva-e sees for its employees and how they should be implemented. Besides planned workshops, IT fairs and events around Jena, the next planned event is a family celebration for the locations Jena and Leipzig, which I am allowed to document with our social media channels. FAMILY FRIENDLY is definitely a priority at diva-e!

What I would like to emphasize in my work as a working student for diva-e is that I am allowed to work very independently from the beginning, can contribute my own ideas and my opinion is important. My résumé for the first month is for this reason: Responsibility means first and foremost to gain experience!

Jena - a paradise?  Impressions around Jena and the Kulturarena

A great first experience at diva-e was an interview with Kristjan Schmitt - the production manager of Kulturarena Jena. I wanted to know what makes the Kulturarena special for him and why Jena is such an interesting place to live and work.

Kristjan Schmitt is the new production manager of the Kulturarena in Jena since March 2018 and welcomes me in flip-flops and shorts at the stage of the Kulturarena. What else could I do at 33 degrees in the shade?

Arriving in his cool office, nestling in the building of the Theaterhaus, one immediately notices his enthusiasm for the Kulturarena.

What makes the whole festival special for him is, for the production manager, an interplay of many things, but also clear as daylight: "The Kulturarena is a series of events that is so special because of its location in the middle of the city. It's a mix of theatre, indoor show and open air and that's really special.

Moreover, Jena, as a small town, is lucky enough to be able to show big stars on a small stage - and at relatively low prices. The artistic level of the bands, however, is very high regardless of prices and other formalities and he is grateful that Jena and the Kulturarena can offer this platform to their guests. Compared to other big festivals with pompous video screens and lots of people, the Kulturarena is much more intimate and the audience is right in the middle of the action instead of just being there.

This is also how the artists feel, explains Schmitt: "They usually stay here for a very long time until they find their way to their hotel or the nightliner, because it's just nice for them to be here.

Large cities are not really suitable for him as places to live or work. For him, the appeal of Jena and the entire region of Thuringia lies in the fact that there are many green corners here that can be reached quickly and still have a young life.

The reason for this for him is: "Of course, I always have a lot to do with people, it's loud and busy and that's why I prefer to simply go out into nature and silence in my free time. And that's really easy in Weimar, Jena and Co. I get on my bike or in the car, drive less than half an hour and find places where hardly anybody is. That's just one of those points where I like to be in smaller regions, because I simply find free space, free time and fresh air faster."

He finds Jena attractive as a place to work, because he can do everything on foot here, the city is still big enough to be able to experience something as a young person and the inner city area is very centered and pleasant. He repeatedly emphasizes the advantages of the entire area around Jena, Weimar, Erfurt and Apolda, because for him everything is growing together more and more, so that he considers his place of residence, work and activity to be a large, coherent region.

In the concluding question about his favourite place in the Kulturarena, the production manager opts for the entrance at Schillergarten, right next to the last seats in the Kulturarena. From here, he has a view of the whole event and can see how the audience listens to the concerts and captures their reactions. Because the most important thing about cultural work is to give something back to the people.

Author: Katrin Schünemann