Increase your Black Friday performance as a SEO superstar

How to attract online shoppers to your online shop

Thank God - it's Black Friday? On Friday, 29 November, online trading will once again offer exceptional discounts. Those who know how to convince shopping enthusiasts expect record sales in e-commerce. In order to lead the bargain hunters to your shop on this day, you should do your homework beforehand - and in the long run rely on a targeted strategy for search engine optimization (SEO).

Increase your Black Friday performance as a SEO superstar

In order for online shoppers to find the best deals on your website, you need to make sure that your brand and products are visible:

1. Search engines on Black Friday tune: a question of keywords

The chances of the action day are fully exploited with a well thought-out strategy for search engine optimization. Only with sensibly used keywords within the content will you achieve a first-class ranking with Google - and your shop will be found in the Black Friday hustle and bustle. Optimize your category page, landing pages and product pages that you have created especially for discount Friday or Cyber Monday. Integrate meaningful keywords into your texts and headlines and make use of matching images. The term “Black Friday" appears particularly frequently in the search fields before and on 29 November. Please note that most bargain hunters look for their desired product in combination with the keyword “Black Friday".

2. Content marketing: relevant content

During Black Week it is also important to shine with extraordinary customer experiences - not only to make users one-time buyers, but also to win them over in the long term. In addition to accurate keywords, the key to this is unique content that reflects the interests of Black Friday shoppers. Provide content that not only informs your shop visitors about the special offers and services around Black Friday, but also delivers real added value. Boost your e-commerce business by not drowning in the masses with SEO-optimized content, but at the same time convincing with rewarding discounts and customer experiences.

3. Faster than the search engine allows: need for (page) speed

On Black Friday, bargain hunters expect the best deals and offers to be displayed quickly. Long loading times not only spoil the shopping pleasure, but also have a negative effect on the Google ranking. Search engines have made website performance (page speed) an important ranking factor, especially for mobile devices. But with the right measures you can shorten the loading times: For example, the intelligent use of caching mechanisms and the elimination of unnecessary plug-ins have a positive effect on page speed. Adequate compression of media data also shortens the loading time.

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