Ready for Black Friday: successful e-commerce experiences

How online shops drive sales up

It's that time of the year again: On November 29, Black Friday, the biggest sales of the year, will be celebrated. Online shop operators try to lure customers to their website with great deals. On Black Friday not only the bargain hunters fight for the best offers on the net, also the online shops compete against each other. It is therefore a great challenge to prevail in the digital discount battle against shops and platforms such as Amazon, Zalando, Otto & Co.

“Anyone who convinces with their online shop on Black Friday not only boosts their sales once but can also retain users for the long term. Especially in the case of high-turnover and highly competitive shopping events such as Black Week, it is important to align one's own online shop with an excellent user experience. The basis is the choice of a suitable e-commerce platform, but continuous mobile shop optimization for short response times is also indispensable," comments Sirko Schneppe, CSO of diva-e Platforms.

Ready for Black Friday: successful e-commerce experiences

The diva-e digital experts provide four tips to turn Black Friday into an e-commerce experience:

Black Friday Tip #1: Using customer data profitably

In order to offer shopping enthusiasts the best package on Black Friday, you need to know what your customers really want. In e-business, more and more customer data is being generated, which must be merged and evaluated centrally in order to track customer journeys across channels. Qualitative information can be validated, optimized and enriched with quantitative data. Use data-driven marketing to target users on Black Friday and lead them to your shop. Data is also the basis for operationalizing and evaluating all marketing activities and digital performance on Black Friday.

Black Friday Tip #2: Premium services are part of it

Of course, the price of online shopping is an important purchase criterion, but the service must also be right. The ongoing “Amazonisation" is setting standards in terms of dispatch logistics. If you want to compete against the online giant on Black Friday as an e-commerce provider, you need to know the Amazon benchmarks and offer premium services as well. Say goodbye to traditional processes and rethink your logistics. Rely on a future-oriented digital strategy to create highly integrated, customer-oriented and convenient multi-channel offerings.

Black Friday Tip #3: Personalized customer experiences for successful purchase transactions

Customers are demanding, and in digital times customer requirements are constantly evolving. Therefore, online shop operators, especially on highly competitive days such as Black Friday, are called upon to make bargain hunting on the Internet as simple, convincing and personalized as possible. Again, customer data is the key to success to tailor your brand message individually to your customers and to personalize your customer approach. Create digital interfaces that make the Black Friday Customer Journey unforgettable by offering customers a user-centric design with optimal usability and a clean information architecture. If potential customers jump out before the purchase is completed, there may be several reasons for this. Last year, in the diva-e Christmas study, a full 25 percent of users stated that they had left the order process due to a confusing design.

Black Friday Tip #4: Optimize Mobile Page Speed

The study also shows that 16 percent of German Christmas shoppers complained about extremely long loading times. Insufficient speed for smartphone and tablet can spoil the shopping experience on Black Friday. Since not only the user of mobile devices prefers short loading times, but also website performance (Page Speed) is an important ranking factor for Google, you have to set your sights on speed on Black Friday. For example, you should be careful to compress large image or video files. You can also significantly increase page speed by reducing the size of CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Browser caching means that a page no longer has to be completely reloaded as soon as a visitor returns.

So, don't just shine on Black Friday with unique offers, but with personalized, digital experiences where everything is right from shop design to content. Nothing will stand in the way of a sales record on Black Friday - and returning users afterwards.