StorageBase achieves a 30% revenue increase with diva-e data-experts

Moving into the data Center of the diva-e brand First Colo in Frankfurt increases performance for StorageBase

Keeping up with the fast-moving IT market has made it even more important to be able to respond to individual demands of customers for the most modern server environments and important certifications, especially in the storage field. StorageBase, a professional provider of web solutions, therefore relocated its IT infrastructure to the diva-e First Colo data center with the aim of generating successful growth.

StorageBase achieves a 30% revenue increase with diva-e data-experts

State-of-the-art and secure infrastructure in the diva-e data center

The location of the First Colo data center in close proximity to the largest German internet exchange backbone, the DE-CIX in Frankfurt, represents optimal starting conditions. An improved user experience for StorageBase’s customers as well as an optimized server structure has been achieved due to the excellently equipped infrastructure and the lowest possible latencies. As a Proxmox partner, the diva-e brand also exhibits a high level of expertise in offering customers the best possible support with the implementation.

Higher added value for customers through improved UX and server structure

The diva-e brand helps StorageBase to achieve a revenue increase of 30% brought about by the optimally equipped infrastructure and integration into the CEPH cluster. This enables StorageBase to accomplish its goal of offering customers a sustainable and steadily growing business environment as well as its infrastructure.

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