Weleda develops global digital strategy for commercial sector with diva-e

Natural cosmetics market leader lays foundation for data-driven processes and customer-oriented digitization

Weleda, the global leader in certified natural cosmetics and anthroposophical pharmaceuticals, has selected diva-e's digital experts to develop a sustainable digital strategy for the global digital transformation of its commercial business. Germany's leading Transactional Experience Partner (TXP) diva-e supports Weleda in digitally transforming marketing and sales worldwide.

Weleda develops global digital strategy for commercial sector with diva-e

For the Weleda Group, which today employs more than 2500 people worldwide, the goal is a customer-oriented data-driven business, efficient global market development and the optimization and expansion of Weleda's product and service portfolio to include digital services. As a strategic partner, diva-e accompanies Weleda's digitalization and develops a future-oriented digital strategy aimed at anchoring data-driven processes in Weleda's corporate organization. In the development of the strategic target image, diva-e e relies on a direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach to digitize the strong Weleda brand - and to promote customer proximity and interaction in the digital age, in which customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex and the number of touchpoints is increasing.

“As a pioneer in natural cosmetics, Weleda stands for quality, trust and sustainability. A sustainable digital strategy is therefore important to us in order to further strengthen the Weleda brand in the long term. With diva-e, we have a strong partner at our side who, together with us, is driving the global digital transformation of marketing and sales", comments Jakob Wößner, Manager Organizational Development and Digital Transformation at Weleda AG.

“Today, a forward-looking digital strategy is the basis for a strong market position and sustainable economic growth. We are therefore very pleased to support Weleda with our expertise and to successfully initiate its digital transformation on a global commercial level", adds Sirko Schneppe, Founder & CSO diva-e Platforms.