Five steps to a convincing customer experience

Awarded in SEO ranking, outstanding in customer experiences

Love brands and top companies such as BMW or Carrera are demonstrating it: If you want to retain customers in the long term, you have to create outstanding experiences. In a W&V article, SEO expert and diva-e Advertising CEO Christian Paavo Spieker explains the five most important steps for an extraordinary customer experience.

Five steps to a convincing customer experience

How do companies bind their customers in dynamic times with high competition? How do digital solutions emerge that customers like to use - and use again and again? And how do love brands win the loyalty of their customers and turn one-time buyers into loyal fans who love their products and brands?

Christian Paavo Spieker gives valuable tips, shows best practices for convincing customer experiences - and also reveals the role of search engine optimization (SEO) plays in this. In daily business, the SEO professional accompanies customers such as BMW, Carrera or alltours with diva-e advertising to write digital success stories and create excellent customer experiences. Only recently the diva-e Advertising team, which has already received several awards, secured a listing in the BVDW ranking of the top 100 most important German-speaking SEO service providers.

Find out more about the five steps to a better customer experience in the current W&V article.