The time after the internship

What happens after the internship? Our intern Jonas reports from his perspective

Recommended by all employers and even enshrined as a compulsory semester in some study regulations: It's all about the internship. An internship during studies is no longer a rarity and shows the student's willingness to perform. But one question remains: What happens after the internship?

A possible way is presented to us today by Jonas, who has been working for diva-e as an intern for eight months and wants to share his experiences.

The time after the internship

At the beginning of my internship it was very important for me to feel comfortable - after all I spend most of my day at work. In order to get to know my colleagues as quickly as possible, it was clear to me that communication is essential. And so I pestered them with various questions. During the breaks I had the opportunity to talk to other colleagues to gain insight into other areas. Thanks to the great working atmosphere, the great colleagues and the responsibility that every employee has right from the start, I quickly found my way into the company. Working in a team, which I enjoyed very much, I was also always motivated to perform well, which in turn was appreciated in feedback discussions.

Whether from superiors or colleagues - constructive feedback has a high value and enables individual development. And that is precisely why I have always taken any feedback to heart. Never rest on your laurels, because you can also draw valuable conclusions from this. My tip: Develop further with the help of positive feedback and learn how to do it better through negative feedback.

Through the feedback I became more self-confident at work and my appearance has improved a lot during this time. To gain experience in other areas of work, I have always offered help. Through the cooperation between the teams I was able to help out in other areas - and my work never became monotonous.

Exactly these little things like commitment and motivation are appreciated by diva-e, and not only with good feedback. It is important to the company to support and retain good employees. So individual ways are searched for to enable further employment. This can be a working student activity or a thesis following the internship. In my case, there was fortunately a third option: Since I already had my bachelor's degree in my pocket, I went from intern to trainee with a part-time master's degree. This gives me the opportunity to put the technical contents of the Master's directly into practice.

Basically I have to say: Never try to pretend and don't be afraid to ask any questions. It is clear to everyone that you will not be an expert in a field within a few days. Also, don't just be satisfied with your tasks, but be willing to learn new things and do your best - you won't regret it, because your efforts will be rewarded. Take your chance, an internship is just for that!

Author: Jonas Bulmann