Cyber Week Analysis: These Amazon ads and products performed best

diva-e numbers: How Black Friday and Cyber Monday ran on Amazon

Many online shoppers have secured good deals during Cyber Week. But what is the balance Amazon sellers and vendors draw from the action days? The Amazon experts of diva-e Products have evaluated the most important figures around the Black and Cyber Week of more than 150 customers of the all-in-one-Amazon Tools E PWR and share exciting facts.

Cyber Week Analysis: These Amazon ads and products performed best

Amazon advertising formats by clicks: Sponsored products lead the way

More and more Amazon sellers and vendors are turning to Amazon Advertising Services to reach potential Amazon customers and increase visibility. The advertising formats with the most clicks during Cyber Week were by far the most sponsored products. On the other hand, the number of clicks in the sponsored brands is significantly lower, but the click rate (CTR) is 16 percent higher. The sponsored brands are also ahead in terms of the conversion rate, but on average they are 27 percent more expensive per click than sponsored products. But it's not only Black Friday that is the time of the year for investing diligently in Amazon advertising: A further diva-e analyzis already showed that the advertising expenditures of the more than 150 E PWR customers analyzed have almost tripled since the beginning of 2019.

Cyber Week 2019: These were the most successful product categories

The diva-e Amazon experts not only examined the most important KPIs between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but also took a closer look at the Amazon product categories. The most visited categories by clicks were “Kitchen, Household &Living", “DIY Market" and “Toys". In terms of sales generated through paid advertising campaigns, the products from “Kitchen, Household & Living" are clearly at the top, followed by “DIY Store" and “Drugstore & Body Care". On average, sellers and vendors received the cheapest traffic in the “Toys" category and paid the most for clicks in the “Drugstore & Body Care" category.

Higher shopping basket values and more expensive click prices

The range of deals and bargains was almost limitless. It is therefore not surprising that the average basket value has risen sharply. Among the over 150 E PWR customers analyzed, the average shopping basket value for the German Amazon marketplace during Cyber Week was on average 19 percent above the usual annual average. Action days like the Black Friday or the Cyber Monday have of course also influence on the click prices. The diva-e figures show that these rose by six percent compared to the annual average.

Cyber Week Boom: More Visitors, More Clicks, More Conversions

The Cyber Week provided more visitors, more clicks and more conversions for the analyzed E PWR customers. The conversion rate (CR) rose by more than 10 percent compared to the annual average. The analysis of the KPI “ACoS", which is important for sellers and vendors, also shows the effects of Black Week. During the shopping days, the ACoS of E PWR customers decreased by up to 28 percent compared to the annual average.

“The turnover, in relation to the advertising costs incurred, was high during Cyber Week. The use of Amazon Advertising has definitely paid off", explains Frank Rauchfuß, CEO diva-e Products. “Our current numbers show Cyber Week is also becoming increasingly relevant for the German market. The KPIs relevant for Amazon performance differ significantly from regular sales days during the digital shopping event", continues Frank Rauchfuß.

Amazon Boost through Automation

The success figures of the analyzed Amazon sellers and vendors are not least the result of the all-in-one solution E PWR. The tool E PWR, official partner of Amazon Advertising, helped to promote products quickly, easily and target-oriented on Amazon. Special campaigns for Black Friday or Cyber Monday have already been prepared in advance. The E PWR Bid Management then automatically controls these and optimizes the performance within the framework of the specified target values. A granular control down to the keyword level is possible without any problems.

Using Amazon customer data for the long term

E PWR enables its customers to use all data on a long-term basis. Performance values and statistics are stored permanently and can therefore also be used for monthly or annual comparisons. Clear standard reports and the possibility to create individual custom reports round off the options in E PWR Reporting. Reporting provides a comprehensive overview of all campaigns and their development - not only during Black Week. Top, potential or flop products as well as growth opportunities can thus be identified.