diva-e presents strong business figures from 2021

The digital service provider also expects strong revenue momentum in 2022

Increase in sales in 2021 by 13.8 percent to 80.2 million euros - sales threshold of 100 million euros expected to be exceeded in 2022.

diva-e can look back on a successful fiscal year 2021. According to the annual report audited by the auditing firm KPMG, diva-e generated sales of 80.2 million euros last year, an increase of 13.8 percent over the previous year. This means that diva-e is growing considerably faster than the German market as a whole, which, according to the ranking of 160 digital agencies by the German Digital Industry Association (BVDW), only grew by just under five percent in 2021.

diva-e presents strong business figures from 2021

diva-e Managing Directors Sirko Schneppe, Tilman Au and Marcel Fuhlmann (from left to right) are proud, because: This means diva-e has grown considerably faster than the overall German market, which has only increased by just under five percent in 2021 according to the ranking of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. (German Digital Industry Association).

The revenue growth in 2021 is based almost exclusively on organic growth. Salesforce specialist Howiger GmbH, which was acquired last November, contributed only a small amount to total sales. Overall, diva-e has doubled its revenue and employee numbers over the past five years.

"The proliferation of digital platforms and devices, the shift of work and leisure into the digital space, and the covid pandemic have resulted in a major transformation of our customers' business models - this means tailwinds for the industry and our business," says CEO Tilman Au. "The good results are also a confirmation of our buy & image platform strategy." Diva-e was formed in 2016 from the merger of then six, now twelve well-known digital agencies, which combined their expertise and years of experience to create a holistic digital value chain. In the meantime, diva-e counts 10 locations in Germany and Bulgaria and recently expanded to the USA.

The comprehensive and holistic support of projects pays off above all for the customers, who thus achieve synergy effects, high implementation speed and cost savings. Last year, diva-e was able to win over 40 new customers in this way. "For the customer, the control effort of ten or twelve individual service providers would be extremely high," says CCO Sirko Schneppe. "For him, it's much cheaper and faster to have just a few or a single contact person who coordinates the entire project - from planning to implementation to ongoing operation."

The strong revenue growth in 2021 is all the more remarkable given that the year was also one of consolidation and focus on organic growth. Diva-e changed its organizational structure from organization by location to six cross-location market-oriented divisions, while also selling its E-PWR and intelliad software products to emarketing AG.

Outlook: Following organic growth in 2021, the signals are increasingly pointing to expansion. For 2022, diva-e expects an acceleration in revenue growth. Full-year sales are now expected to grow to over €100 million, earlier than anticipated. The number of employees will increase by around 150 compared with December 2021 to a good 1,000.