dmTECH and diva-e: Creating digital success together

Online shops and online platform, A/B testing and tracking

Close and trustworthy cooperation for digital growth

For seven years now, dmTECH and diva-e have been working closely together to set new standards both in software development and in digital consulting. diva-e supports dmTECH as a Transactional Experience Partner in innovative software projects, in long-term digital strategies and in daily business with product owners, agile coaches and software developers in interdisciplinary and cross-functional teams. Through an agile approach, the best results are achieved for successful digital projects in order to achieve more sustainable growth.

Support for successful digital projects: New online shops, A/B testing and tracking

During the many years of close cooperation with dmTECH, diva-e colleagues have been involved in the development of numerous successful digital products and solutions. The teams use agile working methods like Scrum. Among the successful projects are the introduction of the online shop and the glückskind family programme. These products are continuously being improved through further development of the user experience. The regular evaluation of new functionalities through A/B testing as well as the evaluation of customer behaviour is essential.

A tracking system for performance marketing as well as the implementation of conversion tracking and web analytics support dmTECH and dm-drogerie markt in making the right decisions for the strategic orientation of their products. The SAS Customer Intelligence 360 software is used for tracking and testing. dmTECH and diva-e both value a KPI-based work approach in order to measure the success of the software developments and to be able to respond even better to individual customer needs.

diva-e also provides dmTECH with consulting services for the introduction of product reviews in online shops and for search engine optimisation.