Parental leave and re-entry at diva-e

Combining family and career successfully

The wish of many parents is to take a baby break for a while and then return to work. But how does this work - for the parents, the children and the career? At diva-e, many employees take parental leave and then start working again. Heidi Oltersdorff, User Experience Consultant and Jan Pralle, Senior System Architect & Team Lead at diva-e, give an insight into how they have managed to successfully combine family and career.

Parental leave and re-entry at diva-e

Heidi Oltersdorff in her role as mother and UX consultant:

Heidi has been working for diva-e for five years and is a new mom. After one year of time out, she is back in her previous profession as a project manager. This makes her a good example for young working parents who want to continue pursuing their career goals. "Since I was more than satisfied with my professional situation, I was very happy to start working again. During my parental leave, I kept in touch with my colleagues and my team leader so that I felt part of the team again immediately after re-joining the company. I never had the impression that I was really away, because, despite my time off, I was invited to every event and celebration and regularly received tickets and small gifts. That touched me very much and increased the anticipation of my re-entry".

Back on the job - and now what?

"My first week back at diva-e was very pleasant and fun. I was immediately introduced to an exciting internal project. However, I soon realised that I could not work as much as I would have liked to. My tip: Don't let this drive you crazy! It is important to accept help from your partner or colleagues in order to master child and career equally. diva-e is a great support in this, as I am allowed to bring my child into the office at any time. Generally, I have reduced my working hours to 25 hours per week, which I can divide flexibly. To enjoy the time with my child, I also work once a week in the home office. All other benefits offered at diva-e are top. There is a play and care room for our little ones and numerous events to which the family is invited. Parents can even bring their child to their job interview at diva-e. Working in a family-friendly company is great!"

Heidi Oltersdorff, UX Consultant at diva-e

Jan Pralle in his role as double dad and Senior System Architect & Team Lead:

Jan has been with diva-e for seven years and recently became a dad for the second time: "My second child was recently born and so I took a month off. As a developer, I always have to deal with long and complex projects. Especially in my job, part-time work after parental leave is not advisable, as it is very difficult to re-think projects. It is better if developers stay in their programming tunnel. Furthermore, it is a challenge for me to hand over projects, because I consider them as my "baby". I also had to learn to say "no" sometimes to do justice to everyone. In order to make parental leave as stress-free as possible, it should be seen as kind of a vacation and all steps should be planned in advance, such as choosing a substitute or giving work to colleagues. Here is a little tip: "Reserve at least two days off as a buffer to be prepared for unforeseen incidents."

Home office - the all-purpose weapon for parents?

"In general, home office is a good alternative. Employees are more flexible and save themselves the trip to and from the office. This benefits the work-life balance. Personally, however, I am a fan of working in the office in person, as there are fewer sources of distraction and it is much easier for me to communicate with my team colleagues and new customers. But having the option of having a home office when you need one is great, of course! Furthermore, diva-e supports us employees in many ways: Besides various family days, there is also a children's room in the office. Another big help is the financial support of diva-e for the Kita contributions. Employees get up to 150 € per child every month in addition to their salary. "Finally, I would like to give the following tip: Be well prepared and just calm down! Deal with your return as early as possible, choose the right time and plan childcare and the number of working hours as early as possible in order to be able to enjoy the most relaxed parental leave possible. If you also maintain a good relationship with your colleagues during your absence, your return will be all the easier. Parental leave is something very valuable and I would therefore recommend that everyone should experience the special time after the birth of a child.

Jan Pralle, Senior System Architect & Team Lead at diva-e