Individual further development in the diva-e Academy

Lectures, seminars, trainings and meetups by employees for employees

For many employees, motivation and satisfaction in their professional lives are increasingly linked to whether and which opportunities exist for them to further develop themselves and their own skills. Previously unused skills can be recognized, deepened and passed on, which is a decisive advantage for employees, especially when new tasks and areas of responsibility are taken on. In this way, employees can shape their own career and specialization and continually add new areas of experience.

Individual further development in the diva-e Academy

But the training opportunities also ultimately have advantages for employers. The labor market is very dynamic. Keeping and retaining employees in the long term is becoming more and more challenging in view of the variety of professional options. Continuing education offers provide an ideal basis for strengthening employees' sense of belonging and motivation. This increases the attractiveness as an employer for existing and future employees.

For diva-e, comprehensive and continuous training is not only important with regard to the job market, but also crucial for the company's success. As a Transactional Experience Partner, we must give our employees the freedom to familiarize themselves with digital trends and try out new things.

diva-e Academy offers a wide range of development opportunities

For several years now, we have been offering our TXP starters a wide range of development opportunities through our internal diva-e Academy. Last year, 54 specialist presentations were held there. In addition, there were 7 meetups and 29 training sessions. This offers employees unique development opportunities. Operations Manager Alexander says: "I take the time to attend seminars from the diva-e Academy to develop my professional skills as well as my soft skills, such as conflict management." Such soft-skill offerings help to strengthen interpersonal relationships and communication as well as one's own assessment skills.

But employees can also benefit from the diva-e Academy's wide range of specialist courses. For example, there are lectures on topics such as technology, performance marketing and UX design and agility. This type of exchange also promotes the ability to "think outside the box". Alexander greatly appreciates the active discourse on specialized topics: "The fact that many seminars are held and attended by diva-e employees enables a social exchange, in part across locations, as well as joint further development within the team." Particularly at diva-e, as a company represented in 8 cities throughout Germany, employees benefit from a fluid transfer of knowledge, which is promoted precisely by these training courses and lectures.

We look back on many exciting inputs and offers of the diva-e Academy in 2020, are happy about the lively participation and are excited about the new contributions in the coming months!

The diva-e Academy is just one component of our extensive further development offering. You can find more information here.