Networked solutions in diva-e IoT Lab: Recent project with packaging specialist MULTIVAC

Extension of business models and quick implementation of prototypes

IoT solutions enable companies to master the step into a networked world and successfully build new business models and products. As a transactional experience partner, diva-e already has extensive project experience and, for example, developed an IoT-based fire protection solution with service and maintenance features for Hekatron, a comprehensive provider of products and services for retrofitting smoke alarms.

Networked solutions in diva-e IoT Lab: Recent project with packaging specialist MULTIVAC

The latest IoT project from diva-e: In project teams, diva-e and MULTIVAC, one of the world's leading providers of packaging solutions, are developing an enterprise-wide IoT platform and thus setting new standards in the digitalisation of the packaging industry. Based on this platform, MULTIVAC will in future offer digital services for its packaging machines and thus complete its range. With the digital assistant MULTIVAC Pack Pilot, it is possible to configure packaging machines of the new X-line machine generation in a user-friendly and guided way. It guarantees the highest possible output, consistently high packaging quality and maximum process reliability. Assistance with the packaging process and consumables helps the operator to optimally set up and operate the packaging machine without requiring in-depth expert knowledge. By using the latest technologies, companies such as MULTIVAC and Hekatron create considerable added value for their customers and achieve interoperability and scalability through networked solutions.

diva-e IoT Lab bundles expertise, consulting and application knowledge for software and hardware systems

Whether industry 4.0, networked mobility in the automotive sector or smart homes with linked energy systems: Networked solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are the future - and already offer companies competitive advantages today. diva-e, Germany's leading Transactional Experience Partner (TXP), founded its own IoT Lab at an early stage. The IoT Lab, which was founded primarily for the upper mid-sized market (mechanical engineering, B2B and retail), combines technological expertise in the area of Internet of Things with a broadly diversified, networked consulting and application knowledge. Since then, numerous innovative solutions have already been implemented and a practical exchange and knowledge transfer between user companies, industry experts and partners has been made possible on how the digital challenges of industrial companies can be solved with forward-looking technologies.

Prototypes for an increasing number of IoT projects can be quickly implemented and tested.

In the diva-e IoT Lab, the new opportunities offered by the Internet of Things are tested in practice and further developed promptly, and innovative ideas are implemented in tailor-made solutions. The focus is on the practical application of new technologies for B2B companies and retailers: The laboratory character makes it possible to quickly and easily build prototypes for solutions and test them in early project phases. And that's exactly what counts: As the fifth edition of the IoT Developer Survey 2019 shows, the number of implemented projects on the Internet of Things is increasing. Nearly two thirds of the more than 1,700 respondents stated that they are currently or will be actively working on commercial IoT projects in the next 18 months.

"In the diva-e IoT Lab, we test solution approaches for the wishes of our customers directly in practice and quickly generate new innovative ideas to expand existing business models profitably and usefully. We always focus on business value and think entrepreneurially - always with the aim of presenting our customers with competitive solutions," comments Sirko Schneppe, Founder and CSO diva-e Platforms.

Ideas and Innovation for IoT: IoT Design Thinking for Prototypes and Practical Tests

In order to strengthen the innovative power of companies and enable them to develop digital solutions in the sense of their business values and the needs of their customers, diva-e offers these companies IoT Design Thinking Workshops. In so-called Micro Projects, for which appropriate hardware and equipment is available at several of the eleven diva-e locations throughout Germany, new topics around the Internet of Things are tested - regardless of whether these are technical or non-technical questions.

diva-e holistically positioned in the IoT area

Many years of experience, technical expertise and a spirit of innovation are the basis for diva-e IoT Services, which range from strategy development to implementation and operation. In addition, diva-e, as an integrated Transactional Experience Partner, also relies on strategic partnerships in the IoT area in order to further expand its comprehensive IoT competencies and to have direct access to current market developments and technological innovations.

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