IoT Survey 2019: Number of implemented IoT projects increases

diva-e bundles the most important IoT technologies with Java and MQTT

The fifth edition of the IoT Developer Survey 2019 shows: The number of implemented projects on the Internet of Things is increasing. Nearly two thirds of the more than 1,700 respondents state they are currently or in the next 18 months actively working on commercial IoT projects. The results of the survey underline the high relevance of the Internet of Things in times of digital transformation.

IoT Survey 2019: Number of implemented IoT projects increases

Java is first choice for IoT Clouds

Java is one of the most important technologies in the field of IoT, as the survey shows. The programming language is the first choice for gateways, edge nodes and IoT clouds. C/C++, on the other hand, is mainly used for so-called constrained devices.

MQTT is the dominant communication protocol

The study also provides information on communication protocols used by developers for IoT projects: MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport), often referred to as the Internet of Things protocol, is the dominant communication protocol in the IoT area according to the study. The study's authors assume that this trend will continue in view of the widespread use of MQTT.

diva-e bundles most important IoT technologies

With Java and MQTT diva-e offers the most important technologies for IoT solutions. As an integrated Transactional Experience Partner (TXP), diva-e supports customers like Hekatron with IoT solutions to master the step into a digital and networked world and to successfully build new business models and products. Many years of experience, technical expertise and innovative spirit are the basis for diva-e IoT services, which range from strategy development and implementation to operation and design thinking workshops for IoT products. Through strategic partnerships, diva-e experts further expand their comprehensive IoT competencies and have direct access to current market developments and technology innovations.