LEDVANCE increases digital marketplace performance with diva-e technology E PWR

Predictive bidding through AI-based algorithms

In the age of digitalisation and networked everyday life, LEDVANCE, one of the world‘s leading suppliers in the lighting industry, is redefining the role of light. LEDVANCE focuses on innovation and powerful technologies not only in the field of Smart Homes: LEDVANCE is also innovative in the digitalisation of customer journeys. With the diva-e tool E PWR, LEDVANCE optimises its own presence in one of the world‘s leading digital marketplaces.

LEDVANCE increases digital marketplace performance with diva-e technology E PWR

Challenge: Database for PPC optimisation

In times of data-driven marketing and personalisation LEDVANCE has recognised the importance of analysing data about user behaviour. For this internationally successful company, comparable reporting data are the basis for well-founded and efficient targeted optimisation of its own PPC campaigns.

Due to ever longer and more complex customer journeys, the challenge for LEDVANCE is to assign conversions via ads on marketplaces, including sponsored products and sponsored brands, to the corresponding ad within an attribution window.

Smart and AI-based approaches as well as a look into the future through predictive bidding make it possible: LEDVANCE increases its conversions on the leading online marketplace by 20 percent with the diva-e technology E PWR and reduces ACoS and costs by 11 respectively 31 percent.

Find out now how LEDVANCE achieves more marketplace power with diva-e and makes optimal use of its own PPC budget:

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