MULTIVAC and diva-e: Digitisation in the food industry

Increase in effectiveness through digital solutions

The Transactional Experience Partner diva-e develops IoT solutions with which companies master the step into a networked world and successfully build new business models and products. For MULTIVAC, one of the world's leading providers of packaging solutions, diva-e developed a company-wide IoT platform and set new standards in the digitalization of the food industry. Based on this platform, MULTIVAC will offer digital services for its packaging machines in the future.

MULTIVAC and diva-e: Digitisation in the food industry

"Our goal is to help food producers meet the challenges of digitization. Together with diva-e, we want to create added value for our customers by using the latest (IoT) technologies. With the MULTIVAC Pack Pilot we are responding to a challenge in the daily work of the food industry. For machine operators, this cloud application offers considerable added value, especially in view of the fact that many companies do not have sufficient know-how for optimum operation of packaging machines. With the X-line machine generation, we are assuming an overall increase in efficiency of approx. 10 percent - and the MULTIVAC Pack Pilot should make a significant contribution to this value," comments Dr. Marius Grathwohl, Head of the Digital Products and Transformation Division at MULTIVAC.

"With our IoT solutions, we always focus on business value and think entrepreneurially - always with the goal of presenting competitive solutions to our customers in mind. Our goal was to meet the real-time requirements and minimize waiting times for the end user," adds Sirko Schneppe, Founder and CSO diva-e Platforms.

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