#OMR19 recap: diva-e rocks the Online Marketing Rockstars

Our Hamburg highlights

Marketers, SEO stars, data lovers - #OMR19 in Hamburg was the digital event in 2019. As leading Transactional Experience Partner (TXP), diva-e was right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of this year's place to be. Our highlights at a glance.

Highlight #1: Customer Experience with dmTECH

How do successful digital projects work in practice? In an exciting use case, the numerous visitors experienced live how dmTECH and diva-e jointly implement successful digital projects: Setting new standards in both software development and digital consulting, dmTECH and diva-e have been working closely together for seven years now. diva-e supports dmTECH with innovative software projects, long-term digital strategies and in daily business.

Highlight #2: Partners on joint digitization mission

Another highlight: the presentation of the consulting and solution portfolio that diva-e offers together with kloeckner.i, the digital unit of the international steel distributor Klöckner & Co, as partners for digital strategy and implementation consulting.

Highlight #3: OMR Guided Tours for a full diva-e experience

Three times Spryker CEO & Founder Alexander Graf led the OMR Guided Tours to the diva-e booth. Together with Sirko Schneppe, Founder & CSO diva-e Platforms, he provided the tour participants with lots of e-commerce know-how and insights into the digital industry.

What an experience!

In daily business, diva-e creates digital experiences to increase businesses' success and customer interactions. With #OMR19, we have created a unique festival experience together. Thanks to all speakers, customers, colleagues, partners, and visitors - it was a pleasure to celebrate the future of digital marketing together. We are happy to share our impressions of the digital festival.