Product strategy and transformation at Coca Cola European Partners

diva-e workshops: Human Centered Product Strategy and Development

How can companies master digitization and develop new business models? How do companies transform themselves by developing new products and solutions? In a diva-e workshop at Coca Cola European Partners (CCEP), the largest beverage bottler of the Coca-Cola Company, the diva-e digital experts Manuel Berthold, Senior UX Consultant, and Thomas Vitzky, Senior Agile and Scrum Coach, share their know-how with participants from all over Europe. The aim of the diva-e workshop in London is to develop solutions and products that make companies fit for the digital age - and to develop a common, user-centered product understanding with the participants.

Product strategy and transformation at Coca Cola European Partners

Solution-oriented for digital success

In several workshop sequences on a total of 4 days, the diva-e experts in London share their expertise on the topic of “Human Centered Product Strategy and Development" - and bring the workshop participants into a solution-oriented mode of success.

Dialogue based on partnership and conscious thought processes

The workshop offers time and space for a dialogue based on partnership, with other participants and with the diva-e experts. The latter are concerned with asking exactly the questions that are important in product development. The workshop covers basic topics as well as trend-setting strategic questions - and thus sensitizes to a conscious thinking process that fully exploits product, team and company potentials.

Agile approach for innovative products

The diva-e professionals support the workshop participants in identifying concrete needs, finding strong solutions and developing strategies for successful digital transformation with innovative products. The framework of the workshop is the successful use of an agile approach that integrates continuous iterations and timeboxing and achieves measurable results. The diva-e workshop at Coca Cola European Partners enables participants to develop features, define multiple MVPs and define next steps.

Foundation stone for a holistic digital change

Together with the participants, the diva-e experts not only develop visions for the products and digitization within the company. They also help to get to know users and stakeholders, iterate and switch perspectives between users and stakeholders. The successful and sustainable digital transformation of a company integrates the entire organization, its value system and structures. Only if all stakeholders and users are involved, the digital change of an organization is possible.

diva-e workshops: Consulting, motivation and digital strategies

In their workshops, the diva-e digital experts offer consulting services, motivate customers such as Coca Cola European Partners to co-creation and give teams the opportunity to lay the foundations for innovative product development. With over 20 years of experience, diva-e as a digital partner of top companies and love brands such as dm drogerie-Markt, FC Bayern Munich, BMW or Weleda has the expertise to deliver tailor-made success strategies for digital transformation and as a holistic transactional experience partner to support the practical implementation.

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