Workshop: Scrum in Two Days

Experience with diva-e how it feels like to be part of a scrum team

Scrum is an optimal method to implement complex projects. This is not a sentence that we have copied from a Scrum textbook, but corresponds to our decades of experience in agile projects. In this workshop, we would like to pass on the know-how we have gained to you. Not dry and tough, but playful and light - just agile!

Workshop: Scrum in Two Days

Workshop Contents
With "Scrum in Two Days" you as a participant can plan and carry out a project with Scrum from start to finish yourself. You do not need any previous knowledge in (agile) software development. The open world game "Minecraft" is the stage for the workshop. The advantages are obvious:

Fast and impressive results
Support of the work in the team
Common challenges instead of passive learning
Lots of fun

You should attend the workshop if you want to experience Scrum live. Together with the other workshop participants you will form a Scrum Team. After a short theoretical introduction to Scrum, you will develop and present results in several short Scrum cycles (sprints). You will discover the principles behind agile procedures, the processes involved in an agile project, and certainly the obstacles that working together in a Scrum team can sometimes pose. And in the end you will be amazed at what you can achieve in two days of teamwork.

The workshop will take place at different diva-e offices.

Participation fees
The participation fee for the workshop is 1.200 € plus VAT. The price includes the workshop incl. certificate of participation and catering on both days. The workshop is limited to 12 participants.

To register, please send a short e-mail with your name, billing address and number of participants to