Small gestures, big impact: our fundraisers 2018

Social commitment of employees ranges from sponsoring to practical help

"There is nothing good unless you do it": According to this motto, social commitment is a matter close to the heart, both for diva-e and for its employees. Last year it was shown once again the great enthusiasm our colleagues put into the good cause. At the diva-e locations, great campaigns were set up, ranging from donations in kind to personal commitment.

Small gestures, big impact: our fundraisers 2018

Make others happy: Christmas campaigns

At the Munich locations, numerous colleagues took part in the "Christmas in shoe boxes" campaign and filled almost 20 boxes with sweets and useful gifts. Lovingly packaged and tied, the packages made Romanian children's eyes shine with joy. In Karlsruhe the gift wishes of school classes with socially disadvantaged children were fulfilled, in Stuttgart the donated chocolate sweetened the breakfast of homeless people.

Donations all year round: help in need

The fact that social commitment is not linked to "mandatory dates" such as Christmas is demonstrated by fundraising campaigns such as the 99 cent initiative. Here, employees were asked to donate 99 cents a month of their salary to a good cause - and many responded to the appeal. The "ARCHE" children's and youth facility in Karlsruhe was pleased to receive almost 500 euros alone, while another part of the donation went to the local animal shelter. A jersey donation campaign helped sports clubs proposed by the employees to get new outfits, and teddy bear donations were used to help Syrian refugee children.

With heart and hand in action

Some of the employees were directly involved with their work on site. Thus, a team brought literally color into the dull everyday life of the animal shelter of Karlsruhe: With blue color received doors, posts and pigeon house a fresh painting - attentively observed by the animal inhabitants. During a day of encounter with homeless people, it was "human" when the joy about the donated towels and bread boxes was overwhelming. Whatever form the colleagues took in the activities, it was worth it! In 2019 there will certainly be many projects again that will fill our social commitment with life.