Study and career in harmony - is that possible?

Nina talks about her experiences regarding the compatibility of study and work

Every student knows this: The stress during the studies is enormous. Whether it is the lecture period with homework and presentations or the examination phase - pressure is almost always present. You automatically ask yourself whether you should really take on an additional student trainee position during your studies. Our working student Nina has the answer.

Looking back, it was a very good decision for me personally to take the first step into working life while still at university. Of course, I had given it a lot of thought beforehand - especially about the compatibility of studies and career. Since I am probably not the only student who is concerned with these questions and the decision, I would like to show my student colleagues today that studying and working student position can work very well together.

Study and career in harmony - is that possible?

How will I deal with the additional workload alongside my studies?

I am enrolled in a very practical course of studies. This means that I not only have examination phases, but also have to do various exam-related tasks during the semester, such as homework or presentations. So I don't get bored, all the additional work quickly awakens a small feeling of stress in me. So it might sound crazy to look for a working student position yourself ...

In the months at diva-e I learned that stress does not have to be something negative. If you know how to deal with stress, then stress can promote the best of yourself. My experience has shown me that there are two main factors in stress management: the time flexibility of the individual stress factors and fun as a stress killer.

Flexibility creates space to breathe

Depending on the university, a course of study is more or less regulated. Often there are fixed times when you have to be at the university, but sometimes there are spontaneous appointments or irregular attendance times. In the examination phase, the time is different again: All other activities have to be planned around examination time. Flexible working hours are an important factor in ensuring that work and studies function well in parallel. At diva-e I can adapt my working hours to the stress of studying and university times and decide at my own discretion on which days I want to work how much and when. The pressure is reduced immensely and I can concentrate on my exams in peace.

All the more relaxed it is after the exams: I can fully concentrate on my work. Here too, diva-e is open and I can extend my regular 20 hours per week to 40 hours during the semester break if I wish. As a student, my bank account is also happy about this ;-)

Another plus: The high flexibility helps to keep the social life. So you can also do something with your fellow students during the week and sleep a little longer the next day. Or you can go home earlier and enjoy the afternoon with friends.

Fun as a stress killer

As I've noticed over the past few months, another stress killer is definitely the fun part. Since I always have a lot of fun with my colleagues, I don't waste any thoughts on the amount of work, for example. We support each other in various tasks and I can always bring my own creative ideas to projects. Because of the trust placed in me, I also implement projects independently and set my own accents.

Due to the pleasant working atmosphere, additional stress never seems negative to me - quite the contrary. The limited time even helps me to work more consistently and purposefully and to maintain a clear focus even during my studies.

My conclusion: study and career in harmony - works wonderfully with the right employer

In conclusion I can say that I can recommend a working student position to every student. You will get a good insight into working life, have the opportunity to make contacts and in the best case get to know your future employer. For me I can say that the balance of study and job works so well because I have found an employer with diva-e, who cares about the well-being of the employees and is open for different working time models. One of my fears was also that I would not be taken seriously as a working student: And here, too, I was quickly convinced of the opposite. My vote counts as much as that of any colleague and I am just as much appreciated. An experience that I am happy to share.

Author: Nina Maksimovic