Digital agency becomes Transactional Experience Partner (TXP)

diva-e responds to market changes and develops new services and products

The company, established in 2015 by the merger of six leading agencies, is breaking new ground: diva-e, one of the largest German digital agencies*, is now a Transactional Experience Partner (TXP). As a solution-driven digital partner, diva-e supports market leaders and hidden champions across diverse industries in the planning, implementation and optimisation of their digital products and online sales channels. The focus is on creating digital experiences that inspire customers and drive business forward in a sustainable way.

Digital agency becomes Transactional Experience Partner (TXP)

Upheaval in the digital sector

"The digital sector is currently undergoing unprecedented upheaval, which offers companies huge potential but also brings with it many challenges. This is mainly due to the lightning speed at which customers' search and buying behaviour changes, new sales and marketing channels gain relevance, and new technological opportunities emerge," says Axel Jahn, diva-e's CEO. "By extending our portfolio to include the SEO specialist One Advertising and AdTech from intelliAd, we have strengthened our competencies in terms of technology, AI and automation. In this way, we can provide integrated digital marketing solutions to companies, enabling them to compete in an increasingly challenging digital world."

With a reliable digital partner by their side providing relevant, easy-to-implement solutions, companies can effectively reduce their digital backlog using new technologies and AI-based automated tools to meet future customer expectations.

diva-e is Germany's leading Transactional Experience Partner

As a Transactional Experience Partner, diva-e is precisely targeting this transformation. The company creates digital and personalised experiences for market leaders based on in-depth data analyses and developed using state-of-the-art, standardised technologies. In doing so, diva-e uses pre-engineered and modular standard solutions to shorten project times and enable a future-proof, target group-based approach.

The holistic service and product range in Planning & Innovation, Platforms & Experiences, Growth & Performance, and Data & Intelligence delivers noticeably more transactions, higher revenue, increased customer loyalty, and a clear competitive advantage in times of digital transformation.

"With our new range of services, we can consistently map the digital value chain and improve it with standardised components," explains Axel Jahn. "As a digital partner with over 20 years' experience, we always approach our customers as partners and, as well as offering excellent digital products, constantly strive to be successful together. The economic success of our customers is our top priority."