At diva-e, a 'value team' has come together, which is concerned with finding uniform values for the company. Read here, how all this has developed.

Values form the foundation of our society, because they describe what is important to us and therefore who we are. They generally describe desirable or morally good character traits or patterns of action.

We at diva-e are convinced that values are the basis of successful cooperation. They serve the whole company, because they give each employee an orientation for his actions and create an additional sense of community and a harmonious cooperation. In addition, they have another positive aspect: Outside parties such as customers or applicants get a first insight through the values how we at diva-e tick.


How it all began...

Both the employees and the management are very concerned about the topic of corporate values. The motivation to establish a diva-e values team in the company across all locations was correspondingly high. Thus, towards the end of 2017, a call was launched for all employees to identify company-wide values. Volunteers were sought who, like me, were interested in the topic and would like to help shape it with enthusiasm. Shortly afterwards, many colleagues from almost all 12 locations came together and took part in a meeting in Karlsruhe.

...and it became valuable

The diva-e values team currently consists of 16 employees, composed of various locations and roles. We are engaged in working out the values that are currently already lived in our company, but also the values we are striving for, together with the management. Based on this, we develop corporate values that are then firmly anchored in the company. The values are developed in several steps: presence workshops, various remote workshops and a "beta test".

Value workshops for the development of a first draft

In addition to the first employee workshop, a full-day management workshop was held almost in parallel. Thus, management and employees thought separately about the topic "Which values are important to us?" and their definitions. With the help of a moderator, both groups worked out and documented initial proposals. The two subsequent workshops were conducted in large groups together with employees and management. First of all, we presented the results of our first meeting to each other, in order to then bring together the suggestions or rather buzzword collections in detailed discussions. The found terms were filled with more life.

During the discussions about individual terms, we realized that some of the suggestions were not values in the true sense of the word. The question of whether we really wanted to limit ourselves to a very narrow definition of values when defining the values was quickly answered with "no". We did not find the presentation in the form of mere words sufficient for this important topic, because simple buzzwords leave a great deal of room for interpretation.

We wanted to formulate something for diva-e that would more clearly express how we are, how we want to live together and what we imagine the individual values to be. Only in this way can we ensure that a common understanding is really created and that the values are really lived in the company - because this is often not the case with general and empty phrases. When formulating the individual values, we have opted for a three-stage presentation, starting with an introductory sentence.

"We at diva-e are convinced that values are the basis of successful cooperation. This sentence is intended to express how important values are for the company and how much we are convinced that values are the basis of successful cooperation. Below this introductory sentence there are three levels per value. The first level describes the individual value in the form of a group of words or recommendations for action. The next level contains guiding principles regarding this value, which clarify what we mean by level 1 in order to limit the scope for interpretation even more. The third and last level consists of concrete examples that show what exactly is meant by the value and directly establish a realistic reference to daily work.

Betatests with employees outside the values team

In the next step of the value finding process, all diva-e employees who are interested in the topic "values" but who did not want to join the team for various reasons were now included. A beta test was carried out for this purpose. With this, but very technical, word, employees at each location could get in touch with each other who were interested in the topic but did not want to join the values team. All participants first talked about their own ideas on the topic of "Values" and then the proposal formulated by the Values Team was presented to them.

The first impressions were discussed and the participants were then given one week to work intensively on the proposal again. After the deadline expired, a further workshop was then held in which the participants could again give their impressions and feedback on the proposal. And how does it continue now? The results of the beta test of all locations will now be discussed again in the coming weeks by the values team, updated and then formulated in the final version. We are curious to see what the values will really look like in the end and will of course present the final result to you in detail after the finalisation.

Because... we VALUE! Do you do, too?