From the application to the first day of work

Where do I want to be - where do I want to stay?

The search for a suitable employer is never easy. Every person is different due to characteristics, personality and values and wishes to find exactly the same values in the employer. From the outside, however, this is difficult to grasp, because you usually don't find out what the dealings within a company are like until you have been with the company for a few weeks. The question "Where do I feel most comfortable", which every applicant asks himself when looking for the right employer, can rarely be answered easily. At least, many job seekers experience the same. In contrast to this, after my experience at diva-e I can say that already a well-executed application process can give candidates the feeling ("I will feel comfortable here").

In the search for a suitable employer I have had several interviews with companies. Even if salary and job requirements were attractive, I always somehow had the feeling that it just didn't fit.

Once it was the stiff atmosphere in the interview, once the very long wait for feedback, once the company values conveyed in the interview - I didn't really feel "comfortable" at any of the companies during the interview. So it was clear to me that I would not be happy there in the long term. The consequence: I continued to search.

I became aware of diva-e through an online advertisement. I sent my application and less than two days later I received a call from the HR department and an invitation to an interview. During the phone call, the process of the upcoming interview was explained to me directly and an appointment was made. The quick reaction and the friendly and very personal contact gave me a good feeling for the way to the interview.

From the application to the first day of work

So here the chapter diva-e began

The interview took place in an open and pleasant atmosphere. After a very friendly reception at the reception desk, diva-e briefly introduced the individual participants and the company as a whole in a personal conversation. Thereupon I had the opportunity to say a few things about myself. Afterwards questions about my own curriculum vitae followed. Fortunately, the usual questions that upset many candidates (e.g. "what would your friends say about you") were omitted. The interview focused on my skills and experiences. In addition, my potential future tasks were presented to me so that I knew directly what was in store for me. In between there were some loosening up questions, so that it never got too stiff. The big advantage: My nervousness dropped significantly. At the end of the interview there was a small task waiting for me to get a practical impression of my professional skills. After just under an hour, the interview was already over.

Surprisingly early, I received a confirmation from diva-e three days later. Not even a week after my interview the employment contract was already in my mailbox. My employment started in less than three weeks and I was already mentally adjusting to the new working atmosphere. And of course I was excited, because I wondered what would really come up to me.

To bridge the time and uncertainties, diva-e found a great way to welcome the new employees: the "countdown" letters. I received these letters every week until my first day at work. The content: an information on how many days left to my first day of work and that my future colleagues are looking forward to welcoming me to their team soon. In addition there was a little goodie in the form of a voucher. Receiving this as a small gift from my team has additionally increased my motivation for my first working day.

For this day, I received a training plan early on to get an overview of how the first days at diva-e will look like and what to expect.

At the beginning of the month it was time for the first working day. Before the tour within the company I was assigned my godmother. A godmother is the person who supports the new employee during the initial period and beyond and is always available to give advice. She first explained everything about the company to me and introduced me to my workplace. After the tour and getting to know colleagues I had several workshops about the intranet, the IT department and my area of responsibility. There was always plenty of time for this so that I could take in the abundance of new information and knowledge in peace and quiet. And above all, the many new topics were very exciting. On the third day, things really got going and I was assigned my first tasks - support was always within call.

Looking back, I have to say: All processes at diva-e - from the job interview to the induction - have a good structure and are perfectly coordinated. We always pay attention to a good atmosphere: This creates a feel-good atmosphere. The right balance of seriousness and humour ultimately conveys an image of diva-e that actually corresponds to reality.

Author: Marvin Zeeb