Leadership is not a question of gender

International Women's Day on March 8, diva-e's female executives are satisfied with equal rights

International Women's Day was an opportunity for us to ask our senior executives how they are doing in their positions and whether they can identify deficits in equal opportunities between men and women. A pleasing result in advance: "Leadership is not a question of gender" - this is how Sabine Richter, Leader Operations, sums it up. A total of ten female managers took part in the small survey, giving us an insight into their everyday career as women. The survey showed that our corporate culture of flat hierarchies, open doors and trusting cooperation in combination with individual training and development opportunities as well as offers for the compatibility of family and career creates an attractive environment for female managers.

Leadership is not a question of gender

The female leadership trick does not exist

When asked about their "secrets of success", the colleagues did not see a great difference between the sexes. The most important characteristics of managers are all communicative and empathic skills. For Julia Münster, CHRO diva-e, "a healthy level of self-confidence and strong communication skills helps to convince others of ideas" on the career path. Those who communicate on eye level and prove authority, do not need to intersperse themselves, but are simply respected, adds Carolin Kraus, Teamlead UX/Konzeption. "In addition Kathrin Meerson, Teamlead PM/UX, considers reliability, commitment and joy in what one does indispensable: "But that has nothing to do with gender." Annett Hartmann, Head of Finance Platforms, even sees an advantage in women's communication skills: "Active, female questioning helps in many areas in order to reach my goals". For diva-e Head of IT Antje Günther, authenticity is a matter of course. Her tip for young female managers: "Be the way you are and stand up for the things you think are right".

Mutual trust as important support

The trusting working atmosphere and the strong team spirit in the company are a crucial help for the female managers. "Within diva-e, I have role models and supporters who give me room to make my own decisions and at the same time provide me with advice," says Stephanie Braun, Managing Director Advertising. The chemistry between executives is also proper. We team leaders share our experiences, for example in a joint jour fixe. The values workshop also helped and depicted how we as team leaders can incorporate values into our teams and master situations on their basis," states Carolin Kraus. For COO Advertising Andrea Frohleiks, being able to rely on others is also indispensable for a prolific cooperation: "Leadership strength proves itself in not doing everything yourself - but building a strong team and making yourself superfluous".

Family and career are compatible for women at diva-e

And what exactly does diva-e do for the compatibility of family and career? The colleagues find quite a lot. "I think it's really great that diva-e gives managers the opportunity to work flexibly and part-time. That makes it much easier for mothers like me," praises Katrin Futterknecht, Teamlead Content Marketing. Family work rooms, home office opportunities and the consideration of the family situation in travel activities are further offers to reconcile child and career at diva-e. However, Kathrin Meerson does not want to hide the fact that part-time work also leads to a balancing act between family and career: "Every day I move between too little time for my team management tasks, the operative business and too little time for my son. At the same time, though, this has the advantage that you concentrate on the essential aspects of your labor and work in a more focused manner."

Different perspectives ensure success

On International Women's Day 2019, diva-e can therefore be seen in the opinion of its leading employees. The entire company benefits from an equal and diverse working environment. For Sarah Unseld, CMO diva-e, many different perspectives and experiences contribute significantly to a good business result: "I believe that diversity can shape the future and accomplishes being more successful, especially in innovative industries. At diva-e, the prerequisites are in place.