What's it like being an intern at diva-e?

Johanna has reviewed her internship for you again, and now she wants to share her experiences.

It's amazing how time flies when you can identify with the work. And it doesn't really feel like work at all when you come into the office every day and the tasks are fun. The same happened to me during my internship at diva-e, which is now coming to an end and which I like to look back on. But to the beginning:

After two very friendly and relaxed job interviews, my first working day came shortly after. I had already received some information and an orientation plan by e-mail before, so I already had a rough idea of what to expect. By familiarising myself with my colleagues and my predecessor, I got to know my most important tasks in the first three days. The team showed itself to be very open: I could ask questions at any time, so that I quickly felt optimally prepared for my tasks.

What's it like being an intern at diva-e?

From the beginning I had my own tasks, which I could do independently and on my own responsibility. Sometimes I also helped out my colleagues when there was simply a lot to do. In several feedback meetings I had the opportunity to express my wishes for the internship and thus to learn more about certain topics that I wanted to know more about. What I noticed positively was that despite the distances between the individual locations, there is close coordination between colleagues at the other locations. The cooperation is always friendly and helpful. This gave me the opportunity to get to know other interns and working students from other cities and to work with them. Interns and working students at diva-e are also fortunate that they can also enjoy the benefits offered to employees. For example, the massages in the office, the weekly visit of the Iceman and a card game for the Family Day (which I helped to distribute as part of the HR team) have sweetened the last months for me.

A few weeks ago, the diva-e summer party took place, to which all locations were of course invited. This was perfect to get to know colleagues from the different locations personally and to exchange ideas with them comfortably over a beer. This helps to grow together and to strengthen the feeling of WE. Such celebrations make it clear how much importance diva-e places on cohesion within the company.

All in all, over the course of the months I gained a very broad insight into the various HR topics and experienced the always familiar atmosphere. Soon I will hand over my tasks to my successor and have my last day in the office. At this point I would like to thank my team as well as all other employees for the always friendly contact with each other. Even though I am looking forward to my summer vacation and the following master studies in psychology, it will certainly be a little strange and sad not to come to diva-e every day anymore. After the experiences gained here, I can definitely say that I could imagine my professional future in the personnel area, even if I have not yet made a final decision.

Author: Johanna Beyschlag