How to become an SEO Consultant?

Our search engine optimization specialists are often asked the question “How to actually become an SEO Consultant?”. We have asked around our SEO experts and quickly noticed one thing: Most of them come from very different backgrounds, also including various career changers.

So one thing became clear right away: There is probably not THE right way to become an SEO expert. Many roads lead to Rome.

Nevertheless, we were able to quickly identify a common ground: the interest or in fact even the enthusiasm for SEO. Additionally, our SEO colleagues agree on the fact that numbers along with Excel and analytical methods should not be feared, and that a basic technical understanding of the Internet is also a prerequisite.

It quickly became clear to us that this can’t be satisfying input when you just think about starting off as an SEO. So, which path leads to the goal as effectively and quickly as possible? We show you our way:

Young Pro SEO Academy for Trainees and Juniors

How to become an SEO Consultant?

SEO Trainee Program

Many of our colleagues in the SEO team have had their first professional contact with the topic of search engine optimization as trainees. Starting through a trainee program (with us) is an ideal way to learn the SEO craft quickly as well as efficiently. The first step towards that is to learn the theoretical basics of all essential SEO disciplines:

  • Onpage SEO

  • Technical SEO

  • Offpage SEO

Of course, you can learn a lot through publications and the Internet. "Learning by doing" on a real customer project, however, offers completely different opportunities to gain comprehensive experiences at an early stage. Besides, it is a fact in SEO that theory often differs considerably from practice due to various factors - such as lack of resources (for developers) when it comes to implementation, limited budget in general or other obstacles. It's not for nothing that the saying "it depends" is your daily companion in this profession. With the opportunity of working with experienced SEOs from the beginning and exchanging ideas on a regular basis, you'll learn tricks and tactics to get the best out of your work despite limitations you might face, and you'll also realize where practice vastly differs from theory.

Since we are so passionate about SEO, we want to share our knowledge and experience in order to inspire as many other people as possible. Furthermore, it couldn't be a better time to start pursuing this career path as professionals in this field are in demand like never before. This is exactly why we aim to provide you with the best career start in SEO.

With this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive trainee program for prospective SEOs, in which our trainees get to know all the important specialist subject areas and can work their way through our large tool landscape. At the same time, consulting is also on our training plan, which means actual customer consulting. This includes, for instance, training in "confident self-presentation", attending customer calls from the very beginning (initially as a silent listener) and later actively undertaking sub-projects as well as supporting the SEO Project Lead. We also practice presenting and solution-oriented acting in simulated customer scenarios including conversational challenges. Tips and approaches for a structured project management are also an integral part of the training.

This awaits you as a Young Pro SEO Trainee

This is what makes the Young Pro SEO Trainee Program so special

Most important is the cohesion of our team and the excitement of our consultants for SEO! In our team, you will get to know top specialists from all conceivable SEO areas, from junior to head of SEO, such as Tech SEO, YouTube SEO, Local SEO, News SEO and many more. And this is specifically what you can expect in our program:

  • We all like to share our knowledge and there are no stupid questions for us!

  • To make you feel comfortable right away, you will be assigned a buddy who will help you with onboarding.

  • You can broaden your horizons beyond SEO and take a look at other areas of diva-e: Short internships in other departments are possible.

  • Plenty of internal as well as external trainings. You have the free choice of participating in conferences, workshops and courses.

  • You will receive a BVDW certificate as part of the completion of your traineeship (before we ideally take you on).

You are already a Junior SEO and looking for the right kickstart?

You already have previous experience because you have already worked as an in-house SEO, but you are not sure whether the work mode in an agency is too rocky for you? No worries, even if you join us as a junior, you will get the support you need from us.

We want to make your arrival as smooth as possible, no matter whether you're moving from trainee to junior or joining us directly as a junior. In addition to our regular "buddy" for onboarding, you will also be assigned your own SEO mentor for professional support as a junior, if desired.

Furthermore, you can of course participate in the workshops and trainings of our trainee program at any time to fill knowledge gaps or refresh your SEO knowledge, if you want to.

This awaits you as a Young Pro SEO Junior

Our mission: diva-e, the best career start as SEO

Our Young Pro SEO Academy program for trainees and juniors is our version of a very efficient and fast way to become an SEO consultant.

Convinced? Become an SEO at diva-e now!

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Frequently asked questions about SEO Consultancy

Q: Is it necessary to hold a university degree to become an SEO Consultant?

A: No, a degree is not a prerequisite. In practice, we have seen that skills such as self-organization are strengthened by a degree. Besides, studies in the field of marketing or computer science lead to a basic understanding of the area of business, which can be advantageous. If you can demonstrate these skills anyhow and you’re passionate about learning SEO, there's nothing standing in your way even without a degree.

Q: Is there an apprenticeship to become an SEO consultant?

A: So far, there are no conventional apprenticeships. There are mainly (on the job) trainings and courses at the market.

Q: Is there an official certification for SEO consultants?

A: There are countless so called certifications in the field of SEO. The only certification that has been officially recognized so far is the BVDW-Fachkräfte-Zertifikat. Therefore, you will also receive it upon completion of our trainee program.