3 Aug 2023

Big Data, Big Impact: diva-e is the world's only specialized Adobe Realtime CDP partner

Digital service provider demonstrates numerous use cases in which it supports companies in customer centricity and is the first company to achieve specialization status for Realtime CDP with Adobe

Munich-based company diva-e, one of the leading digital service providers in Germany, is the world's first and only certified Adobe partner with specialization status for Adobe's Realtime Customer Data Platform. To attain this classification from software giant Adobe, diva-e had to present three projects within twelve months in the area of Real-Time Customer Data Platform (RTCDP) in a specific economic region, such as Europe or the USA. Additionally, Adobe requires a specific mix of certified personnel from various fields for the specialization. "The requirements from Adobe were high. We are very proud that thanks to our team and expertise, we have achieved this globally unique specialization," emphasizes diva-e CCO Sirko Schneppe.

“diva-e is an outstanding partner, bringing an impressive level of project expertise and know-how. The certification with specialization status and our long-standing collaboration reflect the excellence of our partnership," says Dennis Saatkamp Director Partners & Alliances Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Turkey & Russia/CIS.

By introducing Adobe Realtime Customer Data Platform (CDP), companies gain valuable real-time customer insights from various sources. This enables effective personalization of customer experiences across all channels and targeted optimization of marketing and sales strategies. As a strong Transactional Experience Partner, diva-e approaches these projects holistically to ensure seamless integration of the CDP into business operations. The centralized data platform enhances efficiency in data utilization while ensuring data security and compliance. Successful customer-centricity thus becomes the foundation for long-term customer loyalty and sustainable business success.

diva-e has many years of experience in the area of RTCDP and has already been working with the telecommunications company Telefónica Deutschland since 2020 on corresponding projects with the Adobe solution, which only came onto the market in 2019 as a beta version. "We have been a strong partner in implementing this technology from the beginning and, together with our customers, have significantly shaped the product's development in Germany and Europe," says Schneppe. With this expertise, diva-e is currently implementing two additional RTCDP projects in the financial and medical sectors.

"This is a huge success for our Adobe MarTech practice. We have been working towards this goal since 2019, when AEP was announced at Adobe Summit. We understood from the start the importance of AEP & Real-Time CDP to us, as an Adobe Partner, our customers and the MarTech industry," says Albert Wognar, Manager-Adobe diva-e.

diva-e has over 20 years of experience in projects with numerous Adobe solutions and now has a team of more than 100 experts dedicated to fully integrated full-service digital projects based on Adobe technologies. Multi-day AEP workshops for selected Adobe partners and special training sessions conducted by Adobe experts trained diva-e employees in the use of various technology solutions for holistic digital projects, forming the basis for the certification.