14 Oct 2022

Work, sports, culinary and culture: diva-e teams on workation

Workation is on everyone's (employer's) lips. More and more employees want to combine work and vacation. Since this year, we have been offering diva-e teamworkation. This means that some of our employees travel together and diva-e organizes and pays for the workation. The aim of the workation is primarily to get to know one's colleagues better, to strengthen team spirit and professional exchange and, of course, to have a lot of fun. This year, several teams have already traveled to Austria and spent up to 10 days together.

Young woman holding coffee in hand sitting on a balcony in front of a laptop looking into mountain nature

Who can participate in the team workation?

In general, all interested teams can participate in Workation. These can be disciplinary teams, project teams and also mixed project teams consisting of diva-e employees and employees of our customers.

To ensure a fair allocation of the limited number of places, a fixed selection procedure is defined. This year, for example, interested teams had to submit an application, which was evaluated according to defined criteria.

The accommodations are reserved by diva-e for a certain period of time (in 2022 it was 10 days). Not every employee, of course, has the opportunity or the need to stay away from home for such a long time. Depending on their individual situation, all participants can decide for themselves how many days they actually want to participate in the Workation. The duration of the stay is therefore irrelevant for participation.

How did the September 2022 team workations unfold?

In September, three teams were on Workation. Two of them were in Pongau and one at Walchsee. The teams can determine the exact daily schedule and leisure planning themselves. "After long days of work, there was cooking together in the evenings, playing games, lots of storytelling and hearty laughter," reports Nancy from Workation. "In addition to all the work, there have also been a lot of exciting private conversations and professional discussions, some of which have lasted well into the night," says Henry, summing up the Workation at Walchsee. A team of participants relaxes in the future, for example, with yoga exercises created especially during the Workation. But the weekends were also filled with experiences: A visit to the dumpling festival, a trip to Salzburg, hiking, jogging laps together into the sunset, marveling at ski jumping exercises, celebrating at an alpine party and cooking challenges. Of course, it is always true that everyone can participate in the joint activities, but no one has to.

In addition to the social program, the selected locations also inspired the participants: "During the day, you could see developers scattered in every nook and cranny of the building, trying to find the best view as a team background to give their colleagues in the home office a bit of a mountain feeling," recalls Henry. But as we all know, pictures say more than a thousand words, so we have summarized a few impressions of the workstations.

We are already looking forward to the reports and photos of the diva-e team workations 2023.