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Success with FirstSpirit CMS

With more than 18 years’ experience, diva-e is one of the most established deployers of Content Management Systems (CMS) in Germany. We have proven our expertise in numerous customer projects covering intranet and internet sites. As a result, diva-e has achieved Advanced Partner status with e-Spirit AG and has excellent contacts to the manufacturer. In addition, we have been recognised for several projects by e-Spirit’s “Quality Approved Projects” (QAP) programme.

The FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform enables organisations to communicate with their customers in an innovative and personalised way. Through AI-driven and customised customer experiences, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors, optimise customer loyalty and conversion, and significantly increase business revenue. Thanks to the FirstSpirit platform, marketing and IT decision-makers from different sectors can create personalised content and distribute it in real time in a consistent and context-specific manner across all channels and all touchpoints along the customer journey.

Joachim Weiß
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Joachim Weiß
Director Sales

Benefits of FirstSpirit CMS

  • ContentCreator and SiteArchitect: editorial interfaces suitable for occasional users and power users, perfectly tailored to their respective needs

  • Powerful Enterprise Content Management System: editorial processes and maintenance functionality can be adapted perfectly to the respective customer domain

  • Hybrid CMS: seamlessly integrates with CaaS in headless architecture, yet still providing editors with accurate preview capabilities

  • Best of Breed: Integration capability as an important and future-proof feature of the content platform

  • E-commerce and content: Standard integration with leading commerce systems such as Spryker, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or SAP Commerce Cloud

  • Numerous connections to back-end systems in the FirstSpirit marketplace

  • Personalisation: FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine (ICE) as a tool for showing content specific to each target group

Experience and expertise

Since 2012, diva-e has been using FirstSpirit CMS as one of its standard tools to implement complex intranets, high-value customer portals and successful commerce sites. FirstSpirit is not only used in the finance & insurance sector, but also in SMEs, manufacturers and large corporations across many industries as a reliable platform that lays the foundation for business success. As a QAP partner, diva-e has been awarded three stars as part of the e-Spirit Quality Approved Project programme. Over 50 technical and professional experts support our clients to create customer experiences based on FirstSpirit.

With more than 20 major projects and the Advanced Partner status, diva-e is one of the most experienced e-Spirit partners in Germany.

Our services

  • Scoping and installation of the FirstSpirit environment

  • Software development from templating to front-end programming and back-end connectivity

  • Modelling editorial processes, professional design and support in the design of user experiences

  • Content migration, editorial support, help with image selection and research, graphic support

  • Marketing analytics, SEO, SEA, launch support

  • Hosting and operating FirstSpirit solutions both on-premise at the client or in the diva-e datacentre, as well as in the cloud (public or private)

  • Application management, service level agreements tailored to the needs of the client – 10/5, 17/7, 24/7, ...