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IoT services from HiveMQ and diva-e

With HiveMQ, diva-e has a strong partner in the field of consulting, training and hosting for MQTT Services. diva-e brings years of experience in Industry 4.0 to this partnership. The partnership between HiveMQ and diva-e offers a comprehensive IoT service portfolio to clients in mechanical engineering, electronics and energy . This includes developing IoT services, IoT consulting, and building IoT platforms.

  • Sven Kobow

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    Sven Kobow Senior Platform Architect & Founder diva-e IoT Lab

The partnership: IoT platform from HiveMQ and diva-e

Networked solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are the future. Manufacturing and industry are among the leading sectors in implementing professional IoT applications. How can working machines communicate with each other so production stages are optimised and automated, thereby saving costs? IoT applications help to automate production and simplify processes. This is based on powerful IoT infrastructure, which enables diva-e and HiveMQ to build an IoT platform that easily scales large amounts of data quickly and reliably across networks and cloud environments. In this way, network bandwidth is significantly reduced. HiveMQ is the solution to bringing data to the cloud safely and quickly. 

The technology: the MQTT protocol 

The MQTT protocol was developed in the late 1990s as a basis to rapidly and reliably exchange IoT data. The protocol’s power lies in its ability to solve common connection problems of classic request-response pattern protocols. One of the key benefits is that MQTT can easily establish communication between many users, making MQTT the message protocol for machine-to-machine communication (M2M).

Our IoT Services

  • Fundamental IoT consulting  
  • What are the advantages of IoT and, in particular, of HiveMQ in the production process?  
  • Building an IoT platform 
  • Optimising existing HiveMQ environments 
  • Development and implementation 
  • Hosting services for private and public cloud 
  • diva-e hosts your HiveMQ environment and offers comprehensive application management services to ensure the availability of mission-critical applications.  
  • SLAs offering hosting in a private cloud, as well as all major cloud providers 
  • Application Management to ensure continuous availability 
  • Managed Services 
  • Development of customised Enterprise Extensions for HiveMQ 
  • IoT Design Thinking Workshops


Product: Online Marketplace

Online marketplace for groceries: We are creating an adaptable platform for the retail giant EDEKA Nord.

FC Bayern Munich

Product: Online Presence

Digital Champions League: The German championship record holder wows fans worldwide with tailor-made digital experiences.


Product: Online Shops & Platform

diva-e and dmTECh set new standards in software development and digital consulting.

Go Pro

Product: Point of Sales App

Action at the Point of Sale: With the action camera manufacturer's POS app, we simplify the customer journey to the right product bundle. 


Product: SEA Performance

On the road to success: The automotive market leader relies on our high-performance technology for optimal SEA performance.


Product: Knowledge Portal

With Postbank’s theme worlds, we turn understanding finance into a personal customer experience.


Product: Online Shop

Unique ordering experience: Working with the world market leader for glass, we are re-imagining B2B with their online platform.


Product: IoT Platform

Fire alarm via the cloud: We connect thousands of devices via an IoT platform, digitising the fire protection professional’s business.

Klöckner & Co

Product: International B2B platform

diva-e guides steel giant Klöckner through digitalisation and realizes online shops with marketplace function.


With more than 20 years of experience in digital business, diva-e is the innovation partner for leading companies and love brands. Numerous marketleaders trust diva-e and work with us to achieve better customer experiences, more transactions and sustainable growth.

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