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A strong partnership for digital strategy and implementation consulting

kloeckner.i is the digital unit of Klöckner & Co, the international steel distributor; for five years, diva-e has collaborated on the technical development of software and B2B platforms – combined with the vision of a successful digitised steel and metal industry.

After growing alongside each other over the years, we now offer a high-quality, industry-focused consulting and implementation service which enables and advances your digital success. kloeckner.i brings outstanding expertise in B2B e-commerce, cultural change and the development of various digital tools. We complement these skills with our in-depth knowledge of data analysis and data driven business, software development and hosting, creating the ideal conditions for a joint consulting approach.

All-round approach for your platform and software solution

Together with kloeckner.i, we focus on the technical development, implementation, scaling, management and marketing of your platform or software solution. Based on the ‘Build - Measure – Learn’ model, we develop your own MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with you, continuing right through to the scalable end product.

Our goal: to provide you with a ready-to-use solution quickly. We guarantee product-focused, market-aligned operation of your new digital channel and ensure reach, leads and conversions for your B2B business thanks to targeted marketing.

We not only want to develop digital concepts, but also implement digital projects with tangible economic benefits. Our drive is to create digital experiences and, together, grow companies on a sustainable basis.

Range of services

The joint service portfolio covers a wide range of areas. In the field of data-driven business, kloeckner.i and diva-e offer comprehensive analysis and tracking solutions, reporting and dashboard models as well as process automation and AI concepts. The service portfolio is supplemented by individual, tailor-made solutions, such as application development, front-end development with UX design concepts as well as mobile and apps. Platform operation is also covered within the joint service portfolio including hosting & housing, multi-cloud and application management as well as monitoring and security.

kloeckner.i consulting

Platforms are replacing linear production processes and, in the future, will take over from established players in the supply chain. They have a disruptive effect and will significantly change production flows. The digital exchange between parties in the supply chain will become more and more important. As a company, you have to face this situation.

But what does that mean in detail? How are you affected by this development? Where do your specific strengths and weaknesses lie? Should you be a platform operator yourself or just a participant – and what should you do to achieve that? We’ll help you answer these questions. Arrange a meeting today, with no obligation.

For more than four years now, kloeckner.i has been successfully digitising the steel and metal supply chain and has implemented Klöckner & Co’s digital transformation hands-on, supported by diva-e. kloeckner.i’s employees have gathered real-world experience that is almost unique in the market.

diva-e is the leading Transactional Experience Partner, creating digital experiences through unique services and products that inspire customers and increase performance long-term. Through collaborations with various partners as well as kloeckner.i, we strengthen our digital expertise to deliver a digital power boost and maximum customer benefit.

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Product: Online Marketplace

Online marketplace for groceries: We are creating an adaptable platform for the retail giant EDEKA Nord.

FC Bayern Munich

Product: Online Presence

Digital Champions League: The German championship record holder wows fans worldwide with tailor-made digital experiences.


Product: Online Shops & Platform

diva-e and dmTECh set new standards in software development and digital consulting.

Go Pro

Product: Point of Sales App

Action at the Point of Sale: With the action camera manufacturer's POS app, we simplify the customer journey to the right product bundle. 


Product: SEA Performance

On the road to success: The automotive market leader relies on our high-performance technology for optimal SEA performance.


Product: Knowledge Portal

With Postbank’s theme worlds, we turn understanding finance into a personal customer experience.


Product: Online Shop

Unique ordering experience: Working with the world market leader for glass, we are re-imagining B2B with their online platform.


Product: IoT Platform

Fire alarm via the cloud: We connect thousands of devices via an IoT platform, digitising the fire protection professional’s business.

Klöckner & Co

Product: International B2B platform

diva-e guides steel giant Klöckner through digitalisation and realizes online shops with marketplace function.


With more than 20 years of experience in digital business, diva-e is the innovation partner for leading companies and love brands. Numerous marketleaders trust diva-e and work with us to achieve better customer experiences, more transactions and sustainable growth.

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