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With Magento, diva-e has a strong e-commerce partner. Our Magento Certified Developers, Project Managers, and Consultants will make sure you set up your online store to suit your needs and imagination.

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Paavo Spieker
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Advantages of Magento 2: cutting-edge technology and high scalability

The very large developer and partner community, high flexibility and scalability as well as the broad, modular range of functions underscore Magento 2’s suitability as a powerful solution for B2C and B2B e-commerce projects. Online shops of all sizes can be created in a user-friendly, bespoke process using this multi-shop and multi-site-enabled open source software. The suite is available in two versions: as free Magento Open Source (formerly Magento Community Edition) and as a licensed Magento Commerce Suite (formerly Magento Enterprise Edition). The latter targets medium-sized and large international retailers by offering specific functions and includes warranty and support services. The Magento Commerce Cloud Suite also comes with a cloud-based version. As a long-standing Magento agency, we have created smaller e-shops with the free edition and undertaken large e-commerce projects, some with self-developed extensions. Our references include Dresscoded, Terra Canis and Gardner Denver.

Our service: Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Migrating to the current version of Magento is recommended not only because of the major improvements but also for the fact that Version 1 security patches will only be available for a limited time from the end of 2018. However, only data can be migrated directly due to the completely new architecture. Extensions, design themes and any customisations require some developer work. Leave the upgrade to the experts at diva-e who can update your system with no interruptions and keep track and control using project management methods such as Scrum.

Success for your major projects with Magento Commerce

The Magento Commerce Edition in particular boasts numerous out-of-the-box features, which has made the system the most popular solution in the 1,000 largest online shops in Germany. These include precise targeting based on granular customer segmentation, business intelligence tools to analyse large data volumes, omnichannel-capable order management, improved search results, comprehensive payment and social selling options, and content staging and preview. The new system architecture with an expandable service layer introduced with Magento 2.0 also allows easier and faster customisation. Performance is significantly higher than in Version 1, which was characterised by a rather moderate conversion rate.